Review: Seducing the Highlander by Michele Sinclair

Seducing the Highlander by Michele Sinclair
Series: McTiernay Brothers (# 5)
Release Date: June 4, 2013
Publisher: Zebra Historical Romance
Pages: 416
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Of the seven McTiernay brothers sworn to protect their Scottish Highlands, Craig is most willing to place duty before love–until he’s enchanted by the last woman he expects…

Bound By Honor

Meriel Schellden knows that marrying Craig McTiernay will strengthen the ties between their clans. She insists she is motivated by duty and responsibility, nothing more. But when a mere formality becomes a kiss far from platonic, Meriel must question where her true intentions lie. . .

Tempted By Desire

Though Meriel entices him far more than she realizes, Craig’s commitments have always kept his passions restrained. But no sense of duty to his clan can make Craig forget the way Meriel’s touch left him teased, tantalized, and desperate for more. Now as a surprising rival contends for Meriel’s affections, there has never been a better time to listen to what his heart has desired all along. . .



Review: I absolutely adored this book…I think it’s because right from the get go as a reader you’re led to believe it’s almost a friends to lovers type story…Meriel and Craig have for YEARS denied that there was anything between them. They even set off to prove that very thing in front of their entire clan.

Only to get caught up in a kiss that shattered their control and resistance.

I liked Craig’s character but I did find him a bit frustrating at times. It seemed he was constantly denying himself what he truly wanted. I’m not a hug fan of that type of martyr personality in my male leads even when they have a good reason to feel that way. His treatment of Muriel, in my opinion, at times seemed almost self serving. He would do one thing saying it was for the best, when really it was doing nothing but hurting her and their relationship.

The banter back and forth between the main characters was seriously hilarious, I wasn’t expecting anything amazing because I hadn’t read any of the other books in this series, but this book made me want to.

Meriel’s character, AH! I felt for her, seriously, felt for the woman. My chest dang near exploded a few times while I read her POV. I hate unrequited love, and again it sucks that the male lead, Craig expected perfection from Muriel when she hadn’t ever lived outside of the castle or done anything on her own. I enjoyed how she tried so hard for him but at the same time was irritated that he couldn’t see or appreciate what she was doing.

The story shed a lot of light on the beginning stages of marriage and how everyone has unrealistic expectations because, let’s face it, before you are married to someone else you live selfishly– *cough* Craig *cough*

All in all it was a wonderful book, I would read it again and recommend it!