Review: Now You See Me by Rachel Carrington

Now You See Me by Rachel Carrington
Release date: August 29, 2013
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Blush
Pages: 169
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



He wants her, and not even the bars of his cell will keep him from getting her. Kate Elliott’s interview with convicted serial killer John Ramsey is the stuff most reporters can only dream about. What Kate doesn’t know is it’s really the beginning of a nightmare. After one short meeting with the legendary murderer, she becomes the object of his desire. Brad Jericho became the prison warden to keep an eye on the man who’d killed his sister, to make sure Ramsey paid with his life. But when the killer targets a sexy reporter, Brad can’t step back and do nothing. It doesn’t matter that Ramsey lives in a prison cell. Brad knows the man isn’t an ordinary convict. If Ramsey wants to kill Kate badly enough, he’ll find a way. Danger sparks a shared desire that neither can deny, and if Kate can avoid becoming Ramsey’s next victim, they might just have a chance.


Review: Kate is ambitious and as a female reporter she knows this story could grab her some big headlines and cement her reputation as a journalist. But, when she becomes a target of the infamous serial killer she interviews, things take on a different angle. Enter Brad Jericho, the prison warden. He lost his sister to this sick serial killer and now that Kate has put herself in danger, Brad decides to make sure Kate doesn’t become another victim on his watch. He can’t deny his attraction to Kate but keeping her safe and alive takes precedence.

As the situation progresses we learn more of Brad’s background and the guilt her feels about his sister’s death. At the same time it become obvious that someone is helping Ramsey from the outside…but who?

As the tension mounts on the case, so does the tension between Brad and Kate. Each is tempted to find comfort in one another, but is Brad only using Kate to take down the killer that has haunted him for years?

Brad is one of those obsessive types and is so focused on taking Ramsey down that he doesn’t take the time to examine his deeper feelings for Kate until it’s nearly too late. Kate is brave and heroic in her attempt to keep Ramsey from taking any more victims. But, when it comes to her relationship with Brad she finds it is just as painful to know his true motives in protecting her and they had nothing to do with love.

I liked both of these characters but did lose patience with Brad a few times. I did understand how a man like him could become obsessive about keeping a sadistic killer from ever taking anyone else’s loved one, but he also allows it to take over his entire life, from his career to his personal life. Now he has a chance to find love and he very nearly blows it. But, after giving it some thought I think it turned out better that way. Once all the high energy emotions had died down and he had a chance to stop and evaluate his life he has a better perspective on things and knows it’s time to move forward and start living again.

The downside to the story was in it’s predictability. There were a few twist and surprises, and there was suspense when it looks like Kate very well may end up being Ramsey’s last victim. However, there wasn’t anything here that hasn’t been done before countless times. But, if you like Romantic Suspense with an edge and you’re looking for something that doesn’t require every ounce of your attention span, then you will find this is still an enjoyable read. I don’t think the author stuck with this genre since Paranormal Romance appears to be her forte, but this was not a bad effort all in all. I think Rachel could find a niche with this genre with just a little more experience.