Review: Falling from Grace by Alexx Andria

Falling from Grace by Alexx Andria
Series: Leverage (# 4)
Release Date: April 17, 2014
Publisher: self published
Pages: 100
Source: Book provided by the author for review



Actress Dani St. Claire crushed Miles Lassiter’s heart in pursuit of her film career. Now, she’s drowning in her own fame, unable to shake free from an endless blur of parties, drugs and sex, with no end in sight and the one person she needs, is the one she left behind. Her friends in Tinseltown are no help — everyone wants a piece of her and watching Hollywood’s hottest new star fall from the sky is the best entertainment in town.

But if Dani doesn’t get help soon, it’s not only her career that’s threatened but her life. Will Miles be able to put aside his pain to save Dani or will the painful memory of their shared past ruin any chance of a future?


Review:  When Boston Kincaid got the girl in the third installment of Alexx Andria’s “Leverage” series, amid the cheers of joy was a plea from readers for Dr. Miles Lassiter to get his own happily-ever-after.

In Falling from Grace, readers get the doctor’s back story and discover there is a chapter in his past with a cliffhanger. Dani St. Claire used to be his moons and stars, but she abruptly pushed him away without much on an explanation. Fast forward to the present and a favor from a friend lands Miles back in Dani’s life. He’s responsible for helping the actress put her life back together in order to resuscitate her career. With the sparks still flying between them, the doctor may need some resuscitation of his own.

Rather than the “balls to the wall” writing that she has demonstrated in her earlier novels, Alexx Andria debuts her “sensually sweet” side with this story. The heat level is still undeniable, but rather than sweeping the reader through, she focuses on building the story line so the reader has a clear idea of how the past has impacted the present. Don’t take that to mean that the author has skimped on the spice; there is plenty of it.

When taking about broken characters, there is no doubt that Dani St. Claire fits the description. Her partying lifestyle unfolds throughout the story while setting the stage for an intervention. With a beautiful tropical island as a backdrop, the temperature rises as Miles and Dani dance around their attraction. The only question is whether Dani’s fall from grace can be forgiven.