Review: Detect Me by Selma Wolfe

Detect Me by Selma Wolfe
Release Date: March 4, 2013
Publisher: Independent/ self- published
Pages: 147
Source: book provided by the author for review



When Nikki Reed walks into Mark Harrison’s office, she’s there to sell out. Nikki is finally ready to give up her dream of being a professional artist and get a sensible 9-5 job. Working in marketing probably won’t be so bad, especially with a hot boss like Mark.

Only it’s Detective Harrison, and Nikki’s in the wrong office.

Mark is hot on the trail of notorious art thief Ghost, and when Nikki’s art knowledge proves useful, she finds herself dragged along for the adventure.

As she starts to fall for Mark’s brilliance and gruff kindness, Nikki knows she has to fight it – Mark is a workaholic who clearly isn’t interested in a serious relationship. And while Mark finds himself wanting to investigate Nikki as closely as one of his cases, he knows the consequences could be dire if he gets too close.

Because every detective has a past, and the secrets in Mark’s could prove deadly for both of them.


Review: I think everyone that has worked for years to achieve a dream will have those moments of doubt and Nikki was no exception. She doesn’t get any support from her family and she finally decides to accept the realities of life and look for a “real job”. By mistake Nikki meets Mark, a detective working on a series of art thefts. Well, as an artist Nikki could be a big help to him, so he offers her a job. Nikki doesn’t have a clue what she’s signed on for though when she comes face to face with the infamous art thief they call “The Ghost”.

Mark has a personal investment in the investigation that he doesn’t share with Nikki and so she has no idea why Mark is suffering from panic attacks. She does know that they have a little chemistry between them but Mark constantly puts up barriers. I really liked Nikki’s spunk and although she didn’t have a lot of luck as an artist, she doesn’t let that ruin her confidence in everything. She is a great support system for Mark even when he is being a jerk. But, the art theft and The Ghost part of the story was a little flat.

This book doesn’t have much romance in it either so if you are looking for a lot of steam this one isn’t for you. I’m trying to think if the couple even kissed. I think hand holding was the extent of their affectionate displays. So, while the concept was certainly unique and there is a little cloak and dagger style suspense, it just didn’t come together in a solid way.

The showdown with Nikki, Mark and The Ghost was not all that plausible although I did like Nikki’s herorics. You go girl! I love it when the woman shows up a team of police officers!! This is a quick and easy read and was enjoyable enough for a 3 star rating.