Review: Courting Trouble by Maggie Marr

Courting Trouble by Maggie Marr
Release Date: December 10, 2012
Publisher: NLA Digital Liason Platform LLC.
Pages: 325
Source: book provided by the author for review



A steamy contemporary romance set in Powder Springs, Colorado, a small town in the Rocky Mountains. Cowboy turned attorney Cade Montgomery must face his long lost first love Savannah McGrath, a Los Angeles attorney, in a courtroom custody showdown.

Born on the wrong side of the tracks, Tulsa McGrath left small town Powder Springs, Colorado the minute she graduated high school and never looked back.

Until now.

As a well-known, top-notch family attorney in LA, Tulsa loves her adopted home and is quite happy with her career. Dealing in divorce law, Tulsa has watched a multitude of celebrity marriages end. A side-effect of her career as LA’s hottest divorce attorney, she considers herself immune to love. But when her sister Savannah gets locked into a tough custody battle for her daughter Ash, Tulsa has no choice but to return home to save her niece. There’s only one problem: Cade Montgomery, an old flame and now her opposing counsel in a courtroom custody showdown. Sparks and verbal barbs will fly as two lawyers and former lovers reignite a passion that has never disappeared.

Two lawyers who never lose may discover that with this case, the price for a win is just too high.


Review: I will tell you that I loved the cover of this book and the blurb is wrong. It is supposed to be that Cade’s first love is Tulsa McGarth instead of Savannah McGarth.

Tulsa McGarth is an attorney who has made a name for herself in LA. She deals with divorce and you better believe she see’s it everyday. One celebrity after another. She has to go back to Powder Springs, Colorado which is in the Rocky Mountains. Since I’m from the Rocky Mountains I can just imagine what this place looks like. It almost made me miss home. Tulsa has found out that her sister’s ex is back from Alaska and wants to get custody of their fourteen year old daughter Ash. Savannah is in more trouble than that since she took a shotgun and fired it at his house. Tulsa has only one problem and that is Cade Montgomery, who is an attorney and also her first love.

Cade didn’t even know that Tulsa was in town until he saw her broke down on the side of the road. Now the feelings that he has always had for Tulsa comes back. He wants to know why she left him when he was eighteen. There is also the suspense over the death of Tulsa’s mom. He took the side of his father and wouldn’t listen to anything that Tulsa had to say. How could they have a relationship if Cade wouldn’t even listen to her?

I couldn’t wait to see why Tulsa left. I will say that the mystery of her mother’s death and why she left doesn’t get answered until the very end. I will say that you are still left with some questions at the end. You are left with an ending that makes you think there will be more. I will start searching so that I can find out. This story was well written and the characters were great. You will have a chance to laugh at Cade’s benefit. His half-brother is always pulling some kind of joke. The one at the beginning of the book was the best.

This story made me think what I would do if I was in Savannah’s shoes. The father of my child decided he wanted something to do with his child when they were fourteen and he didn’t just want visitation he also wanted custody. I would do the same thing Savannah did and then more. I would protect my children with my life and not let anything happen to him. Yes he seems to be a good guy but the past is what you judge him by. Is it right? No but it’s the way it is. This was an emotional book and will make you feel more emotions then you want to.