Review: Charming the Chieftain by Deanie Roman

Charming the Chieftain by Deanie Roman
Release Date: January 7, 2013
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Pages: 172
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Accused of witchery, Lady Elisande Cadby must submit to the Rite of Purification before wedding Baron Warford the Brutal. On the eve of her union, she flees Cadby Hall armed with an arsenal of Pagan-rooted curatives and her ever-present comfort-stone. With grudging assistance from a formidable chieftain who unsettles her senses, she embarks on a harrowing escape across the Borders in search of sanctuary.

Chieftain Aeden Maxwell would rather bed down with the hounds than concede he is enchanted by Elisande’s caramel-colored locks and feisty manner. After all, she is intended for his volatile older brother. Besides, Elisande’s unusual ideas and strange convictions are dangerous and he doesn’t need more trouble.

Once ensconced at Caeverlark Castle, Elisande is confronted by Aeden’s mistress, who spies on Elisande during a spirit cleansing ritual. Within days word of Elisande’s odd practices and peculiar beliefs cause a divide in the clan. Once more, accusations of witchery abound. However, Elisande has other worries to consider. With Aeden’s brother trying to force himself on her, a brutal killer hiding in plain sight intent upon Aeden’s death, and a disturbing truth behind a long-buried secret about to come to light, Elisande must dispel rumors and gain the clan’s trust before jealousy and betrayal destroy the man she loves.


Review: Lady Elisande Cadby is having to marry someone against her will and the worst thing is her dad is making her go through the Rite of Purification. Her dad just listens to his second wife and doesn’t care for his daughter and believes everything she says just to get her out of the way. Elisande decides to run from Cadby Castle and find sanctuary somewhere else. All of a sudden she runs into someone and bites the fire out of him.

Chieftain Aeden Maxwell has been asked by his step-m0ther to save her niece and bring her to Scotland. He does it even though he doesn’t want to. When he see’s Elisande he knows that there is something about her that he can’t get away from. He remembers what his dad went through when his mom died. He thinks being in love is a weakness. Something he doesn’t want to fall under and he tries to hide his feelings that he feels for Elisande.

As soon as I started reading the book it drug me under it’s spell. I just couldn’t get enough and I will have to say that Elisande had such bad luck and I hated to see what she would have to go through again. I loved seeing these two together and you could see the sparks as soon as they saw each other. I knew there wouldn’t be a long wait to see them give into each other. The book had a great story line and the characters seemed real. I could just imagine riding a horse and seeing everything for the first time just like Elisande did. I would have to say that I would be scared to try something new. Having to travel from England to Scotland.

There wasn’t anything that i didn’t like about the book. It made me want to travel to Scotland more than I did before. I know things have changed since earlier times. It would just be great to see and experience some of the sites myself. Maybe if I beg and plead long enough I will finally get to go. If you love to read books about Scottish Highlanders and see how protective they are with their women then this is the book for you.



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  1. Crystal,

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful review! I’m gratified to know how much you enjoyed Elisande and Aeden’s love story.

    Deanie 🙂

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