Review: A Writer’s Love Story by Robert Wacaster

wacasterA Writer’s Love Story by Robert Wacaster
Series: Writer’s series (# 1)
Re-release Date:  January 18, 2013
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Pages: 260
Source: book provided by author for review



After finding out the man she was seeing is married, Katie is heartbroken. But the heartbreak doesn’t last long when a best selling author named Robert walks into her life. He’s charming, caring, and seems to be everything she’s ever dreamed of in a man. But does she really know him? And can she handle a long distance relationship with Robert when he has to leave New York for California? Can Katie and Robert truly find happiness together? Or will this be just another “Writer’s Love Story?”


Review:  This book was intriguing from the title- I was not sure how this book would be written, especially with the author’s name being masculine. However, as I started the story of Katie meeting Robert, I found this book very fast paced, and easy to read.

As I continued to see Robert in the first scenes having a short temper with the background characters, I found myself cringing because he wasn’t  a likable hero. Heroes shouldn’t be short with those who help him, such as taxi people, hairdressers, or shop people. The hero should be charming with baggage Katie also was a bit flat, and one sided, but I preferred her to Robert. I was able to read it completely, but the main characters just didn’t seem likable and were flat. The ending of the story definitely showed me that there was another book when they get together without much conflict.

The one character I really enjoyed was Katie’s sister Jill. She was feisty, had baggage and seemed real. I know there is another book by the author that also tells more of Jill’s story, but because I liked her so much, I felt she was more the Heroine then Katie.

I liked the story, because it was corny and there wasn’t much conflict other than the characters living in different cities. But it could have better if Robert hadn’t been a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde snapping at people, yet buying Katie and Jill gifts. To me that made me cringe throughout the whole story. However, it did have potential and would be willing to read the next book in the series as it does continue on.


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