Review: Smolder by Graylin Fox

Smolder by Graylin Fox
Release Date: May 9, 2013
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 206
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Clinical psychologist Ellie Quinn is starting a brand new job at a hospital in Savannah. She doesn’t expect the amorous attentions of quick-tempered ex-cop Owen Mata and handsome Russian surgeon Dmitri Komarnitskaia.

But choosing between the two is soon the least of her worries. When she persuades a battered woman to leave her husband, Ellie finds herself the target of a sinister serial killer, and something about the case is making Owen increasingly unstable.

Only with Dmitri does she feel safe, but if she can’t bring her psychological skills to bear to catch the killer, she won’t be the only one in danger.


Review: This is an enjoyable read, but it just fell flat for me. It needs something… perhaps a bit more suspense in regards to the two men in Ellie’s life and maybe it would have helped if the killer had been kept a secret. Sometimes it works out well when we know who the killer is and the suspense results from knowing something the characters in the book do not . However, in this case the characters and the reader knows who is behind the threats. This made the book too predictable and a little dull. There was some action mixed in here and there and Ellie’s brother and his new girl were in more danger it seems than Ellie. I did like how the author included the routine of a hospital psychologist into the story and also touched on the horrors of domestic abuse. The story line with Owen was also an interesting twist but I had suspected there was something more to the story than what met the eye, so his back story was a little anti-climactic.

Being a “Blush” title the romance is PG rated, which is fine with me especially since the focus of the book was on the crime drama, but the romantic elements were sweet and tender and I liked Ellie with Dr. K.

It is my understanding that this is the first full length novel by this author and as such I believe she did a good job of pacing and keeping out the information dump . I think the plot just needed a little pizzazz. Overall not a bad job for a first novel. I love romantic suspense and I did enjoy the characters. This author has great potential and I will certainly be watching out for her books in the future.