Review: What You Do To Me by Kendra Mei Chailyn

What You Do To Me by Kendra Mei Chailyn
Release DateMay 1, 2012
Publisher:   Devine Destinies
Pages:  93
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Kelin Chase is educated and ready to face the working world. When she accepts a nanny job with Henry Quartermaine, it’s only for the money. Then she meets little Emily-May and she falls hard for the child. But soon things happen and she has to stand toe to toe with one with Henry Quartermaine.

Having Kelin stand up to him both angers Henry Quartermaine and turns him on. His body burns for her in ways he can’t understand but yearns to explore. But how can he get past Kelin’s dislike for most of his family? How can he prove to her the Quartermaines aren’t evil monsters and that she should stay with him—not only as a nanny, but forever?


Review:  This is a very short story told in only ninety three pages but a lot is packed into the story line which stars a billionaire businessman and an interracial couple but gets from point A to B much too quickly without the needed character development.

Henry Quartermaine is never there for his daughter but Kelin, her newest nanny is.  When Kelin and Henry are in the same room sparks fly – sometimes good ones and sometimes bad.  There is mistrust, hatred, heated exchanges, family and eventually acceptance, understanding, romance and love.  Emily-May is an endearing and easy going child that is raised by nannies, her aunt and uncles and sees very little of her dad who is at work all day making deals and with poorly chosen girlfriends at night.  No wonder Emily-May doesn’t look towards her father for any type of comfort and doesn’t have any type of relationship with him either.  Emily-May at ten years old seems wise beyond her years but has not been able to lead a normal childhood.  Enter Kelin who lets her help cook and set the table and converses with her.  A new child seems to be born.

As the story progresses Henry realizes he needs to change some of his ways if he doesn’t want to lose his daughter forever.  Watching him try to change his life and be there for her was endearing.  Watching Henry and Kelin acknowledge feelings for each other and grow closer but always include Emily-May was a big turnaround for Henry.  There was closure and a happily ever after and lots of steamy scenes.

Chailyn is a new to me author and I hope to read other books by her and hope some will be a little longer!

Favorite Quote: “Fine by me.  I don’t want to be around when poor, little Emily-May starts heading into the train wreck your loose life will bring her.”