Review: Wed at Leisure by Sabrina Darby

Wed at Leisure by Sabrina Darby
Series: Taming Series (# 2)
Release Date: May 27, 2014
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Pages: 144
Source: book provided by Edelweiss for review



The stunning follow-up to Darby’s Woo’d in Haste.

In all of Sussex—scratch that—in all of England, there is no one prettier than Kate Mansfield, and Peter Colburn, heir to the Duke of Orland, has known that since the age of 15. But since her vivacious nature comes with a temper to match, Peter has always masked his hunger for her behind ruthless teasing.

As far as Kate is concerned, there is no one as annoying or as incredibly handsome as Peter. So when he surprises her with a sudden and romantic courtship, Kate is sure this must be his idea of a sick joke. After all, he’s the one man who knows how flawed she really is. And the only man to whom she has ever been so attracted. It’s only after she rejects him that she realizes he might actually have been serious. And she just might be regretting her hasty decision.

As Kate’s determination wars with her traitorous heart, it may be too late. Now she’s putting everything, including her reputation, on the line to give this accidental tragedy a happy ending.


Review: If you have just picked this up you may want to get the first book Woo’d in Haste and read it first as this picks up where the other left off. It overlaps a little but, it is easier to follow in order.

I was a little disappointed in this book. I expected more. While I admit it still was good it just felt a little flat for me. Kate and Peter’s romance was easy to relate to and just as sweet but a little more complicated.

Neighbor’s they would run into one another from time to time over the years. They shared a first kiss. Kate always thought she deserved more. She needed the attention because she felt her younger sister received it while she deserved it. Sibling rivalry plain and simple… I have two boys, even though they are adults (well as adult as they can be at times) I still hear the one complain about things that happened years ago. Kate was that way. She was the first to come out. Having had her season, she had it again waiting for just the right guy. She had her father convinced not to let Bianca come out…her stepmother indulged her.

She was shrewish almost to the point of being evil. Kate was very bitter which caused a rift in her relationship with her sister and almost made her push Peter (the one that saw through her) away. Peter loved Kate for Kate. He saw the softer side of her.

This to me is another nice summer read. Although I expected more it still has all the tender romance while being a simple story making it a fast read.

Grab a glass of Iced Tea and find a nice sunny spot… enjoy!