Review: Trapped Between Two Alphas by Sam Crescent

Trapped Between Two Alphas by Sam Crescent
Release Date: April 24, 2013
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 108
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review



Cynthia Lewis wants to live her life but her illness is back. She knows she can’t fight it. Either she dies in the hospital or she dies in a place of her choosing. Tired of being in the hospital, she rents out a property far from any medical center.

Kris Hall and Matt Stewart are the two alphas who own the property. Their hatred for each other is the only thing they have in common—until Cynthia. The moment they smell her they know she was destined to be their mate.

With her illness spreading, Kris and Matt know they have to turn her. But if they turn her, they risk killing her. They have to make a choice and fast. Being wolves, hunters are on their tails. With time against them, what will they do for the woman they love?


Review: Matt and Kris used to be good friends until they dated the same girl in high school. Now they rule their own packs and fight all the time. It causes strife between the two packs. I started thinking why don’t they just get along and stop being hardheaded alpha wolves. I would have a hard time choosing between these two.

Cynthia is dying and knows that she doesn’t want to die in the hospital where she has spent almost her whole life. She has told her doctor to take her off her medicine and she signs out of the hospital and goes away. If only she knew what would happen having to live between Kris and Matt.  She feels a deep connection when she touches them and there is just something abut them that makes her want both. It would be hard to make a decision.

In this book I just got lost as I was reading. It turned to be a great book and I wondered how I was going to write my review. You just don’t have the alpha wolves trying to break it to Cynthia about what they are and get her to accept them so they can turn her. You have hunters that are stealing wolves from packs and are out to kill all the wolves. These two alphas have to come together to get rid of them and save their packs.

This was an exciting book and I could just imagine everything that went on was real. It was exciting and suspenseful. I got to experience a really great adventure. In a way this book can really pull at your heartstrings. Yes this is a menage book but it is tamer than usual.