Review: The Romance Novel Book Club by Kastil Eavenshade

The Romance Novel Book Club by Kastil Eavenshade
Release Date: November 20, 2012
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 124
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



From the legendary times of the Victorian Age to the rugged reaches of outer space, the romance novels have done nothing to spark Patricia’s want and hope of finding that one special man to call her own. She’s knee-deep into her thirties, near depression, and drowning her sorrows in pints of premium ice cream. When she falls for a waiter named Matt in her favorite restaurant, her insecurities do their best to thwart her plans of true love. It isn’t until she picks up one last romance novel that she realizes life cannot be lived within the ink splattered pages of an author’s fantasies. She has one chance to set her life straight and snatch the one man who gets her—mind and body. Will Patricia take it?


Review: I have never seen a story like this one before, and I say this as a good thing, so don’t worry. I loved the concept the author used for this book, having a romance story within the romance story. I thought this was so clever and original. I’ve yet seen this done within the romance genre and I really liked it.

I loved the idea that some romance novels, especially old school romance novels, have the characters put into these impossible positions during the sex scenes. The women are these outrageously beautiful women and the men are just so manly and muscular and really hung. The protagonist Patricia, just decimated these with her snark, which I just loved. She and her best friend Julie loved reading these books and then tearing them apart when they got together. The scenes that these two had their interactions are classic best friend moments and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Patricia needed to learn how to love herself, big boobs and all. She was a woman who had a high sex drive and was not ashamed of that. She wanted to be loved and wanted, but she was afraid that she wasn’t good enough to be loved and wanted. Who doesn’t feel that way at one point or another during her life? She lacked self awareness throughout most of the book, but suddenly became self aware toward the end of the book. I say better late then never.

I loved Matt. He didn’t put up with Patricia’s crap, he was alpha male, and yet he was so sensitive to Patricia when she needed him to be there for her emotionally. He was very insightful and I felt was very aware of his feelings as well as Patricia’s. He seemed to understand her and what she wanted emotionally, and sexually. He just GOT her. I wish there was more to see of him. This book was mostly from Patricia’s point of view and so Matt was seen infrequently. I think it would have been interesting to see more interaction between Patricia and Matt and see how they work out their relationship. That being said, I think that having Patricia work out what she needed too by herself before Matt came back on the scene was probably for the best. I love it when relationships work out for the best…..yeha!!