Review: The Magic Between Us by Tammy Falkner

The Magic Between Us by Tammy Falkner
Series: Fairie (# 3)
Release Date: January 7, 2014
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Pages: 322
Source: book provided by NetGalley for review



When These Worlds Collide

Cecelia Hewitt has lived her whole life in the land of the fae, and she dreams of a future with her childhood sweetheart, Marcus Thorne. When Marcus is called upon to dwell in the human world, it means leaving Cecelia behind and breaking both their hearts…

More Than Sparks May Fly

Marcus was groomed for leadership in the land of the fae, but now that he has found his human parents, he will inherit his father’s title and position in the British ton—and he will marry a human. As love and passion continue to burn between Cecelia and Marcus, the question remains: Can two people fated for different worlds find one to share?


Review:  After reading the first two books in this series, I was interested in finding out how the series was going to end.  Unfortunately it was rather lackluster and as I try to write this review having read the book over a month ago, it’s also forgettable.  So, I’ve pulled the book up on my e-reader to scan the book once again and I’m afraid the book still doesn’t stand out.

In this series, we’ve followed Marcus’ two sisters as they find love and now it’s his turn.  So the basic premise of this series is that a Fae and a human married and had six kids.  Three of those kids were fae and the other three were human.  The human kids stayed with their parents and the other three were shipped off to the fae world to live with other family member.  Memories were modified and years down the road when the kids are grown, they run into their parents and attempt to form a family… as well as see if they can conform to the human world.

Back to Marcus’s story.  He grew up in the fae world, but now that he’s met his parents and found out he’s the oldest son, he’s heir and he wants to fit into the human world.  In his mind, this includes turning his back on his fae heritage and faerie girlfriend, Cecelia.  Then we have Cecelia, who has loved Marcus forever and thought that they’d be together.  Then he leaves her and she’s left with a broken heart and a bad home situation.  Time passes and they run into each other and Marcus wants her back but she’s hesitant and who can blame her.

The main conflict here is Marcus trying to reconcile being a fae in the human world and then trying to win back Cecelia’s heart.  Problem was, this just wasn’t enough for me.  I also had problems connecting to either Marcus or Cecelia and therefore couldn’t connect to their relationship either.  This just wasn’t a memorable book and that was a shame since I did enjoy the first two books in the series.





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