Review: The Blind Cupid by Karyn Gerrard

The Blind Cupid by Karyn Gerrard
Series: Blind Cupid (# 1)
Release Date: December 14, 2013
Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
Pages: 25
Source: Book provided by the publisher for review



Anne Sommer, a spinster firmly on the shelf, does the unthinkable. She hires a man to give her pleasure for one night. Anne wants the erotic memories to keep her company in the lonely years ahead. She did not expect the young man who showed up at her door to move her in ways she never imagined.

Desmond Glover gives pleasure—for a price. An orphan whose childhood was mired in scandal and poverty, Desmond has learned to close off his emotions with regard to his occupation. He did not count on a lonely spinster to awaken his hidden passion.


Review:  Author Karyn Gerrard flips the woman-for-hire concept on its head with the introduction of Desmond Glover, a man who services the ladies of the London ton. His typical customers tend to be seasoned ladies, some of whom could be old enough to be his grandmother.

Desmond accepts his lot in life, but when he encounters his new client, he begins to question whether he could become more than what he is. Meanwhile, Anne Sommer never thought that one night of pleasure would awaken dreams of happily ever after. But can she convince this man to stay in her world?

The author has created some interesting characters, particularly as she outlines Desmond’s past and how he became embroiled in his profession. Readers should be aware that there is not a lot of time devoted to developing a storyline. It is a very tiny nibble of a story that certainly entices the reader, but there is a certain level of disappointment after reading the last page.

What there is a lot of, though, is some sizzling action. For a spinster, there is no doubt that Anne has some hidden desires that Desmond brings to life. It’s just too bad there is not more development with a storyline to allow them to fully explore life together.