Review: She Cries by Alexandra Allred

She Cries by Alexandra Allred
Release Date: May 8, 2014
Publisher: Writer’s Coffee Shop
Pages: 282
Source: book provided by publisher for review



With a plot that could have easily been pulled from newspaper headlines, She Cries is both a thriller and a surprising love story that will have readers on the edge of their seats.

When Kali Jorgensen is left to raise her three daughters alone after her husband is killed in the war in Afghanistan, she takes up residence in Horse Canyon, Utah, heading up a working ranch with her in-laws for cattle drives for celebrities and CEOs. Surrounded by breathtaking sunsets and rich family history, Rainwash Ranch is the only place Kali wants to live. Along with her family, her horse, Star, is her greatest companion. Kali could easily live in the saddle and never miss a day of city lights blaring and breaking news from a television.

Her solitude is quickly broken as unwanted worldwide attention is thrust upon the ranch when professional athlete, Jeremy Connors, shows up for the cattle drive at Rainwash Ranch with his legal dream team and swirling accusations of rape and murder.

While Connors’ presence is a concern for Kali and her daughters, she soon realizes that it is Connors’ fans and his team of lawyers who may prove to be the most dangerous to the Jorgensens.

The personalities of horses and lawyers may be well matched but, the cowboys are pitted against the city slickers for the ride of a lifetime. And for Kali, it is her greatest test, not only as an instructor but also a mother.

She Cries is a nail-biting, suspense novel that will leave you signing up for a cattle drive and falling in love with the most unlikely of heroes. Even if you’ve never ridden a horse, you’ll come to understand the power of these magnificent animals and how hope can keep you alive.


Review:  Kali was a little too perfect and perky for my taste. Yes, she was down to earth and a good mother, but for the most part she was just “too” perfect. Her saving grace is that she strives to do the right thing, be it for her family, her friends, or for her own moral integrity. She stands up to those who think they defy the law and pushes when right is on her side.

On the villainous side, Jeremy was perfectly perfect. I am all too familiar with his type – smooth and the life of the party on the outside, evil and sadistic on the inside. Jeremy is the man every woman wants and every man wants to be. He’s a famous athlete, rich, charming, and says all the right things. But there’s the other side of him that is sociopathic, thinking he is always innocent and has never done anything wrong.

The other characters – Sam, the three daughters, the extended family – are all likable characters. Even the lawyers and posse members, despite some idiosyncrasies, have their contributions to the story. And that’s the point. Whether likable or not, each character stands on it’s own – as does the story. I found the book engaging and plausible considering today’s society. The ending was enjoyable without being overly sappy and I look forward to more from Allred.