Review: Revving It Up by Sean Michael

Revving It Up by Sean Michael
Release Date:  April 28, 2013
Publisher:  Amber Allure
Pages:   30
Source: book provided by the publisher  for review



Jon and Bryan have been dating for about six months. While things were hot and heavy in the beginning, they’ve since cooled down to a low simmer. Still, Bryan’s looking forward to seeing Jon again tonight after his shift at the bar. But a game of Truth Or Dare has left him wearing a plug and it’s making him aware of every single step he’s taking.

Will Bryan be able to make it through his date with Jon without going crazy? Or will Jon find out why he’s got that extra wiggle in his walk tonight and do something about it?

Review:   Revving It Up by Sean Michael is not part of a series but I would like to see these characters again in the future.  I chose this book because I enjoy reading Sean Michael’s books.

Bryan works in a bar and is on the shy side.  After a game of truth or dare, after work with this co-works leaves Bryan wearing a plug he goes straight to his boyfriend of six months.  Bryan seems to be looking to heat his relationship with Jon up.

Jon has a collection of plugs at home and enjoys dominating his partner in bed and he has no way to tell his boyfriend what he wants.  Jon is convinced that Bryan will walk away from him if he finds out.  When Bryan tells Jon about the plug he is, wearing it’s a way to heat up this relationship and fix some of the issues that plague them.

The sex scene was blistering hot and the added kinky play was perfect between Jon and Bryan.  Jon and Bryan are perfect together.  I loved that both Jon and Bryan are trying to make their relationship work after things have cooled and in the process discover things they never knew about the other.

Overall, this was a wonderful quick read, at 30 pages.  I found this book well written with fascinating and engaging characters.  Seam Michael’s does not disappoint I just wish it were longer!



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