Review: Rancher to the Rescue by Jennifer Faye

Rancher to the Rescue by Jennifer Faye
Release Date:  July 5, 2013
Publisher:  Harlequin
Pages:  253
Source: book provided by the author for review



Damsel in a wedding dress!

Jilted at the altar, celebrity chef Meghan Finnegan flees the scene–and the baying press–only to run straight into the muscled torso of Cash Sullivan.

The former rodeo champion knows what’s it like to have your life crumble in the spotlight, so he offers Meghan a place to lie low at his ranch.
Fresh air, no paparazzi and the brooding rancher’s lazy smile are making Meghan not want to leave her sanctuary. But she and her unborn baby can’t stay here forever…can they?


Review:  Faye is a new to me author and this is her first book.  She didn’t disappoint.

Take one jilted pregnant bride, an adorable ranch owner that had a horrible childhood and misfortunes as an adult, and you have a great recipe for caring, misunderstandings, happiness, sadness, romance and ultimately love.  There was immediate chemistry between Meghan and Cash even though they met under extreme circumstances and might never have connected otherwise.  Each time one or the other made headway the other one would take a step or two back.  Their characters were complex as were their family dynamics or lack thereof and I enjoyed getting to know them.  Meg’s emotions were all over the place due to her pregnancy and Cash was a very private person who didn’t want to draw undue attention to himself because of  his past.  Cash had a hard time trusting even when Meg was being supportive, caring and nonjudgmental.  Cash’s Gram, who raised him,  was feisty and could see the writing on the wall even when Meg and Cash can’t or won’t and he was extremely protective of her.  The descriptions of the houses, ranch and horses were vivid and made me feel like I was there. Food played a big part in the story line since Meg was The Jiffy Cook on a local television studio but was hoping for bigger and better things.  There was an unexpected happily ever after but an epilogue would have added greatly to the story.

I look forward to reading other books by Faye who will be added to my ever growing TBR pile.

Favorite Quote:  “Give my grandson another chance.  He can be extremely generous and thoughtful.”

To those he loves, Meghan silently added.  She admired the way he looked after his grandmother.  Everyone should have someone in their life who cared that much.



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