Review: Night of the Horse by Elodie Parkes

Night of the Horse by Elodie Parkes
Series: Romance on the Go
Release Date: October 16, 2013
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 36
Source: Book provided by the publisher for review



At night, Rosie watches horses dance beneath the moonlight, wishing to be as free as them. By day, she’s a lonely woman with no prospects at love. A sign in a store window advertising dance lessons changes everything.

Pretty soon Rosie is making moves with the gorgeous instructor, and his equally delectable best friend. Jude and Justin fascinate Rosie and bring her body back to life, but they’re keeping secrets that just may shatter the fantasy Rosie hopes to make reality.


Review:  When Rosie Cartwright makes up her mind to do something about being lonely, she never expected the outcome. Nor did she realize that spotting a pair of horses outside her house one night would have such an impact on her life. One might even think it supernatural that Rosie told herself that if the horses had been hers, they would be stabled every night.

When she meets Jude and Justin, she feels an instant connection. It turns out they have a love of horses in common. Night of the Horse by Elodie Parkes is a quickie read with very little plot development. Although the heat factor is high, some of the choreography and accompanying language seems choppy and unnatural.

The overall premise holds potential, but without additional development, the story line has too many holes.