Review: Maid of Dishonor by Heidi Rice

Maid of Dishonor by Heidi Rice
Series: The Wedding Season (# 3)
Release Date:  October 15, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin KISS
Pages: 220
Source: book provided by the author for review



When she’s very, very bad……

Gina Carrington knows exactly how to have fun! But when she sleeps with her friend’s brother, the off-limits Carter, she quickly discovers she’s overstepped the mark. 

……life is so much more fun!  

Years later, Gina sees Carter again to prepare for her friend’s wedding, and she can’t help but wonder what the harm would be in one more night…. He’s available, gorgeous and behind that laid-back Southern charm there’s a wild side even she can’t tame! But Gina has secrets which she can’t hide forever—will their chemistry be strong enough to keep Carter by her side when her secrets come to light?

Review:  This book actually fits in a series, something I didn’t quite pick up on right away, but by the end of the book I wanted DESPERATELY to read the rest of the books that connect with this one.

Gina’s always been the life of the party, on the outside everything is “fun” and exciting, but she’s actually quite insecure on the inside…she uses her “facade” as a way to protect herself and it appear’s she’s quite good at it. Until Carter enters onto the scene. Carter has always been off limits to Gina, after all he’s her brother’s best friend, but one night of fun couldn’t hurt, right?

The tables soon turn as their one night stand turns into a one night disaster and here’s where things get kind of…different, at least for a contemporary novel…we’re left with her being late for her period and the book suddenly fast forward ten years!

During this time Carter’s gotten married but he’s a changed man, the woman he married made him feel bad about himself, she was a prude and made him feel like less of a man in that marriage.

As the group of friends (that was once torn part mainly by Gina) comes back together again for another friends wedding, Gina and Carter are once again reunited, and this, ladies and gentleman is where we “cue” in the hotness.

Carter’s a changed man..he knows exactly how to pleasure a woman and exactly what woman he wants that to be and its’ Gina. But Gina’s changed as well, she’s more confident, self assured, and its taken her years to get over Carter. She’s hiding secrets, ones that effect him. SO MANY TIMES I wanted to be like PLEASE just tell him what happened. I think that’s the hardest part about this book, a lot of the story line is based in what characters refuse to say because of fear of rejection.

I loved Carter but I was so irritated with him in the end, Gina finally stands up for herself, bless her heart, and he says HORRIBLE things to her and then just takes off. Luckily the book doesn’t end there.

What I liked: Some very hot and sensual scenes that spiced up the pages like they were ready to catch fire.

What I didn’t like: I’m not a huge fan of “mis-communication” books but this one was still really good!
I highly recommend it and would read it again!