Review: Love on the Ice by Marisa Chenery

Love on the Ice by Marisa Chenery
Series: Werewolf Sentinels (# 7)
Release Date: May 24, 2013
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 80
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review



Carson lost the love of his life four years ago. As a mortal, he’d given Laci his heart. But then he went and screwed it all up. Now she’s back in Juneau—and he’s a werewolf sentinel. The moment he sees Laci again, his mating urge takes hold and he knows he must have her. In every way possible. To win her back, Carson must prove he’s worth more than a thrilling ride in bed. He’s worth forever.

Laci decided her ex wasn’t going to keep her from the city where she’d been born and raised. She’s over him, after all. At least she thought so, until he touched her. She doesn’t want to risk her heart, but can’t resist her sexy ex.

As Carson and Laci grow closer, the shifter side of Carson’s life is revealed before Laci is ready. And he has to hope their newfound relationship will be enough to help her accept the man he’s become.


Review: Carson was saved by his sister’s mate and turned into a sentinels werewolf three years ago. He knows that he will find his mate someday but never realized it would be his ex when he meets her after four years. He knows that he will have his work cut out for him to win her back. He just knows that he needs a second chance or he will be forever doomed. He will have to know he found his mate only to not be able to mate with her.

Laci comes home after four years. She decides to not let her feelings for Carson keep her away from her home and family. She thought she was over him but the more time she spends around him the more she notices how much he has changed for the better. She tries to ignore the feelings she has for him but he has made her feel again.

There are several parts in this book that are funny and you get to experience the joys of a baby being born. I won’t say who or what it is. That would ruin the whole story. I think adding that in was great. It almost brings tears to your eyes. I know that there is more to come after this book. There are several things left unanswered and things that was foretold haven’t happened yet. I hope I can handle it until I can read the next one. I will hate it when I have finally read all the books in this series.

I recommend that everyone give this series a try.