Review: Layers by TL Alexander

Layers by TL Alexander
Release Date: December 28, 2013
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Pages: 308
Source: Book provided by the author for review



Hi. My name is Alexia, and this is my story. I’m not your typical girl—so this isn’t your typical…virginal girl goes to college, (or whatever) meets and falls for the hot, alpha, kinky, bazillionaire. Then after a lot of hot sex (one hundred thousand orgasms) they get married and live happily-ever-after, in a mansion with his and her playrooms.
Now don’t get your grannie panties in a twist. All’s not lost. There is a hot guy—lots of hot guys. And my guy—yeah, he’s hot. He takes my breath away. And the sex…Oh my! But the happily-ever-after part, well…

So, girlfriends (and guys) if you want to laugh out-loud—say ‘what the’ a lot, and maybe shed a tear or two, then come along for the ride. Because, OMG what a ride it is!


Review: When Alexia Keith warns the reader on the first page that she is going to tell her story in the middle, she is not kidding. This is a risky approach in any type of writing, especially in erotica where the author tries to build a connection between the reader and the characters. When you sit down with TL Alexander’s Layers, throw away all your preconceived ideas of how a book should be written.

Disregard the fact that this story is in dire need of a copy editor’s TLC. Disregard that the point of view shifts abruptly between the two main characters. Disregard the fact that all the puzzle pieces don’t come together until the end.

Instead, focus on the off-the-wall conversations that will have you adding new words to your vocabulary. It’s probably not politically correct, but “linguistatardic” is an incredibly cool word.

While this jewel is admittedly rough around the edges, there is something compelling about it. Perhaps the best description is that Layers is unconventional and unpredictable. The one quality that is predictable, though, is the intense chemistry between the main characters. In true erotic form, the characters burn up any surface they choose. The heat is intense, but it meshes perfectly with the story line.

Unfortunately, it is a story line that comes with a cliffhanger. Make that a doozy of a cliffhanger. The second part is supposed to be available sometime in 2014. If you are an impatient reader, it might be better if you add Layers to your wish list and get both parts together.

The reader in me was intrigued while my editing half was horrified. This is definitely not your typical erotic tale. Instead, take biting sarcasm and jaw-dropping humor, mix in some incredible naughtiness and you get a new type of story. It is one you won’t soon forget, especially if you are sitting with me on the cliff waiting for the next installment.