Review: Ending Evil by Vickie McKeehan

Ending Evil by Vickie Mckeehan
Series: Evil Secrets Trilogy (# 3)
Release Date: May 29, 2012
Publisher: Beachdevils Press
Pages: 376
Source: book provided by the author for review



The castoff daughter of rock star, Nick Tyler and artist, Ella Canyon, Quinn is determined to overcome her grim childhood and achieve her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor. Over the years her friends have provided support like family, but even they have no idea the dark secrets she harbors. And when Cade Boyd sets out to end her life, she’s forced to make decisions that will put everything she holds dear, at risk.

Attorney Reese Brennan is drawn to the first year resident doctor. But Quinn’s resistance to him only makes him more determined. He suspects she’s had a difficult past. But nothing prepares him for the truth. When Cade Boyd ramps up his efforts to make Quinn pay for the past, together Reese and Quinn will do anything to crush what’s left of a legal dynasty. They’ll break the law. They’ll go to any lengths to put an end to the evil, now and forever.


Review: This is the third and final book in the Evil Secrets Trilogy and what an ending it was.
All the questions that were raised in the previous book have all been answered and everything has become quite clear.

Ending Evil tells the story of Quinn and Reese. At first I did not like Quinn very much as I thought she was too cynical. She had a rather huge chip on her shoulder ,which it appears that she had no intention of getting rid of. Reese was attracted to Quinn from the very moment he laid eyes on her, but she gave him a hard time. For some reason she did not like lawyers and because of this she did not want to get to know Reese as a person. This eventually changed as she came to realize that Reese was not a bad person.

After reading about her past and all that she endured it made it easier for me to understand why she behaved so cynically. Her childhood was filled with abuse and neglect. She never what it felt like to be loved until she met Kit and Baylee who would become her closest and dearest friends.

I loved how she was to let go and be able to forgive her father for allowing her to go through those hellish moments in her childhood. This allowed her to move beyond the pain of her past and be able to have a stable relationship with Reese.

In this story we see the Boyd brothers finally get their comeuppance. It was good to see their reign of terror come to an end. That family was on evil family. It is so unbelievable that not one person in the entire was good. They were all greedy and power hungry and they had no qualms about destroying the lives of the people they came in contact with.

It was great to see Trevor (the hitman) being able to come to terms with the death of his wife and daughter and be able to move on into a new life with Gloria, Kit’s mom.

The series was well written and easy to follow. It grabbed me from the very beginning and I just could not let it go until all questions were answered. It was suspenseful, action packed and had so many twists and turns it made my head spin just trying to figure out what was coming next.

I really enjoyed this series and I am looking forward to more of this author’s work. Vickie Mckeehan has officially joined my list of must read authors.  If you love your stories chock full of action, mystery, suspense, drama and romance, then you need to out and get all the books in the series. It will be worth every single penny.