Review: Deadly Attraction by Calista Fox

Deadly Attraction by Calista Fox
Release Date: January 2, 2013
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.
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He conquered a world in decline, then set his sights on the raven-haired object of his desire…

Eight years of tormenting sexual yearning have left the Demon King Darien with a burning need to claim the one woman whose allure he can’t escape. Yet his first erotic encounter with Jade—a human from the village that lies in the shadow of his vast kingdom—leaves the powerful, immortal king in the vulnerable position of wanting to give his mortal bedmate more than just physical pleasure.

Jade has never known sexual bliss until the Demon King takes her, again and again. Yet she is fiercely loyal to her kind, and her forbidden interludes with Darien leave her facing a fiery, potentially deadly attraction as tension between the humans and demons ignite once more. There is no debate when it comes to choosing sides—and their love may not be able to conquer all.


Review:  If you can imagine what life would be like in a time when all the advances of technology have been removed (think pioneer days) and mankind is ruled by demons, then you have the backdrop for Calista Fox’s Deadly Attraction.

Jade Deville has a certain secret talent that draws the attention of Darien, the Demon King. Neither one expected the intense attraction, but they both agreed they couldn’t be together.

From random attacks by a fire wraith to Jade’s training as a slayer, there is plenty of excitement. The author does a phenomenal job ramping up the heat between Jade and Darien, but even without the scorching love scenes, this is an impressive story line.

It’s refreshing to find such a strong female character. Jade is self confident and unafraid to give her opinion, even if it means she has to go toe-to-toe with the Demon King. The author uses these character traits to create a perfect foil for Darien’s sense of duty in his role.

The depiction of life without modern conveniences was certainly eye-opening. The setting described in the book reminded me a lot of the post-apocalyptic movies I have watched, with this version adding a demon ruling class. While I normally wouldn’t select a paranormal novel as my first choice of reading material, the author has opened my eyes to the possibilities within the genre.

With a fresh and well-developed story line, the author makes sure there is plenty of heat to steam up an e-reader screen. Jade and Darien are passionate both in and out of bed, ensuring that the reader is captivated from start to finish.