Review: Change of Address by Kate Dolan

Change of Address by Kate Dolan
Series: Christmas Surprises
Release Date: November 8, 2012
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 96
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



 Amanda, her young sister and her unconventional mother move to a small house in a remote village just before Christmas—and discover it lacks furniture and everything else they need. Charles, son of the local squire, bursts in to rescue them when he mistakes smoke from the clogged chimneys as a house fire. When she realizes his father is their landlord, Amanda drafts Charles into helping them, and he willingly complies with the requests of the beauty.

As the acquaintance between the families deepens, Amanda comes to realize that Charles may not be quite as bacon-brained as she assumed. When he rescues her from a drunken man, she then has to conspire with him to prevent worse consequences—all on Christmas Eve.


Review:   This was a novella at only seventy three pages on my Nook but there were well developed main characters as well as a plot even if the story line took place during a short period of time at Christmas. Given the brevity of the book there were a lot of secondary characters that seemed to be unnecessary. There were family and friends, servants, discord, arguments, happiness and many rules and expectations of the period not followed. Amanda and Charles got off on the wrong foot but each tried to make it right and they did by the end of the story even if once again conventions of the day were not being followed. Having her sister Honoria always in her face did not sit well with Amanda and she didn’t agree with many of her mother’s actions. Amanda was hoping to be friends with Charles’ sister, Isabel, and also with Charles himself. There was a potential for a happily ever after that didn’t get revealed here but was alluded to and a few more chapters or an epilogue would have been great.

I have read another novella by this author and while this one was better developed it still left me wanting more and wishing there was better closure when I finally reached the end of the story.

Favorite Quote: She turned away, stifling a smile.  Flirting in such a familiar fashion after such a short acquaintance was really too much.  And entirely inappropriate for Christmas morning.



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  1. Thanks for reviewing my novella. I wish I had more space to give the characters and “finish” their story. The constraints of writing for an anthology! But you’re right – I probably did have a little too much going on. When I write, I often feel like I’m just witnessing a scene and taking dictation. I often forget that I have the power to change that scene!

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