Review: Betting the Rainbow by Jodi Thomas

Betting the Rainbow by Jodi Thomas
Series: Harmony (# 7)
Release Date: April 1, 2014
Publisher: Berkley
Pages: 278
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas returns to the town of Harmony, Texas, where life has a way of making better plans than anyone ever imagined…

Sisters Abby and Dusti Delaney have spent their entire lives on Rainbow Lane, but they dream of something bigger. So when a poker tournament comes to town, Dusti is determined to win enough money to leave. Enlisting expert Kieran O’Brian to teach her the game, sparks begin to fly as they play their hands. But Kieran refuses to stand in the way of her dream, even if it means losing her forever…

After a year of traveling, Ronny Logan is settling into a home on Rainbow Lane, but that’s all the settling she’ll be doing. Ronny refuses to fall for anyone, regardless of the chemistry she has with her neighbor Austin Hawk. Yet something undeniable begins to grow between the two loners—if only they can let their barriers fall and open their hearts…


Review:   Have I said before how much I love this series?   I’ve had the honor of reviewing most of the books in this series and I just love the world that Ms Thomas has created.  In this story, she brings back Ronny to get her happily-ever-after following the loss of her first love.  We meet Dusti and Kieran and follow their journey to love.  And last, and not mentioned in the blurb, we *finally* get some resolution on Reagan and Noah’s romance, which has been brewing for most of the series.

So first up is Ronny and Austin.  Ronny is back from travelling around the world following the death of her first love and she just wants to hide out while trying to figure out what to do next.  She doesn’t expect to meet her new neighbor Austin, who is recovering from an injury and dealing with the guilt of having survived an accident.  He doesn’t expect to meet and fall for Ronny.  These two were awesome and I enjoyed watching them meet and break through those walls they’ve both built to find happiness.

Then there is Dusti and Kieran.  Dusti lives across the lake from Ronny and Austin at her family farm with her sister  Kieran’s grandmother lives in town and he spent his summers visiting and knows Austin and Dusti from their childhood.  He’s in town to participate in a poker tournament and can’t say no when Dusti asks for his help in learning the game.  Their romance was probably the least developed of the three story lines.  But, it was satisfying to watch Kieran’s crush grow into love and Dusti realize that Kiernan was the one.

And last, Reagan and Noah.  I’ve been rooting for these two for a while.  They hit a major bump in the road during this book as a past mistake comes back to haunt them.  Both Reagan and Noah have a lot of growing up to do during this book and I appreciated watching that growth both individually and as a couple.  This was a much needed step in their relationship.

I think my only real complaint about this book was the fact that three stories were being told, so in some ways I feel that there wasn’t enough time to really devote to each story line.  But, that said, I did enjoy this book and laughed and cried as the story unfolded.  If you’re a fan of small town romances, this series is a must read.