Review: Admiring Jesse by Shawn Lane

Admiring Jesse by Shawn Lane
Release Date: February 22, 2013
Publisher: Amber Quill Press LLC
Pages: 29
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Jesse is used to Valentine’s Day passing without finding his own sweetheart. But suddenly he starts receiving gifts from a secret admirer. With encouragement from his too-sexy roommate, Gilbert, Jesse opens himself to the idea that someone is actually interested in him. Though he has doubts, Jesse can’t help but wonder if his admirer could finally be the man of his dreams.


Review: For me, I just love m/m romance. I don’t know, there’s just something about it, I love the romance, I love the fight for dominance between the two men. I love the way the two men fight for their love in a world that doesn’t understand or accept that two men love each other and want the right to live and love each other just the same as heterosexual couples.

I love the quality writing that Amber Quill produces. I’ve read quite a few books from this publisher while I’ve been reviewing and I have to say that the writing is quality, the editing is quality and I love the writer’s imagination to write entertaining stories.

Finding someone attractive and desirable is subjective. What one person think is handsome, someone else may think differently and vice versa. This book explores this and I feel, in a highly entertaining way. I love the sensitivity of the characters, I love the romance and how the characters put themselves out there despite the fear of getting hurt. Taking that risk is a big deal and these characters know who and what they want.

I liked Jesse. I felt like I could understand where he was coming from. He’s not exactly drop dead gorgeous, but not unfortunate looking either. He was never the object of anyone’s affection, but he was the butt of a lot of jokes growing up. I can totally relate to that. Then all of a sudden, he’s getting gifts from someone that knows the things he likes. He’s afraid to hope that this is real and that maybe someone is attracted to him. When has anyone not felt like this? I’m sure quite a few of us….. Jesse needs someone to clue him in on how attractive and desirable he is.

Gilbert…..oh Gilbert, how I love the. He was so confident and sexy and totally desirable. Everyone wants him, but he doesn’t want them, he wants Jesse. I’m getting goosebumps. Ok…..I’m under control now. We don’t get to see a lot of Gilbert as this story was mostly Jesse’s point of view. I really liked the fact that Gilbert put himself out there to let Jesse know that he was attracted to him and would like to possibly pursue something more then friendship, if Jesse was interested. Even though Gilbert was this handsome man, that is desirable and attractive to others, doesn’t mean that he has feelings and feels vulnerable putting them out there for someone else to hurt him.

I know this is a short story, but it was just so darned good. I love that…..







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