Review: Whirlwind by Layla Chase

Whirlwind by Layla Chase
Release Date:  March 9, 2013
Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press
Pages: 34
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Hosting her first booth at a national tattoo convention is nerve-racking enough for artist Senna Whitefeather. Then she confronts the smoking hot Native American with a firm body and piercing dark eyes who’s been following her all day. Appreciation for art takes on a new meaning when a challenge to unveil their tattoos escalates into a passionate encounter in the back of her booth. But when the stranger’s identity is revealed, will Senna’s brazen “go-for-it” attitude backfire?


Review: Whirlwind was aptly named! For a short story it was rich with detail and cultural aspects I found fascinating. Ms. Chase did an excellent job of providing background while building up the sexual tension between our two lead characters. Both of whom I loved! From the moment I read the firs page, I was hooked. Young, talented, and hard working,  Senna Whitefeather was  just the type of independent woman I love to see in romance. Hosting her first booth at a national tattoo convention she finds more than she bargains for when she runs into a mysterious stranger named Chev who draws her to him like a magnet.

The enigmatic, dark eyed fellow Native American hero was delicious. Intelligent, charming, and equally talented I liked him from their first accidental meeting.  The two continue to come together, part, and circle again in sensual, innuendo filled conversations.  A challenge to show one another the ink covering their bodies ignites a passionate scene that burned up the pages, and gave a deeper perspective of each character. Tattoos are a very personal thing, that often tell a story. I loved that Ms. Chase showed that to the readers.

Sexy, unique, this short is a must read.