Review: The Governess And The Beast by Karyn Gerrard

The Governess And The Beast by Karyn Gerrard
Series: Blind Cupid (# 2)
Release Date: December 14, 2013
Publisher:  Decadent Publishing Company
Pages: 63
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

Hiding secrets and a past she longs to forget, Hortense Jennings answers an ad for a governess and embarks on an adventure she did not expect.

Concealed in a gothic, crumbling manor on the edge of a North Sea cliff, Baron Simon Wolstenholme is hiding from life. Horribly scarred from battle wounds, he lives up to his name “The Beast of Stonecliff” in both appearance and attitude until he realizes how lonely he has become.

Simon propositions Hortense for a singular night of passion. Raging weather and storms of anger clash between a lonely man and a distrustful woman to reveal secret desires in an emotional crescendo. Can the Governess and the Beast find calm amid the storm and admit their true feelings, or will pride destroy the fairy tale before it begins?


Review:  I will admit that I don’t listen to many audiobooks but I also admit that when I do, I love them. And, Ms. Gerrard’s book is no different! I loved it. From start to finish, the narrator did a fabulous job with reading this short story. She did a wonderful job at expressing emotion when it was needed, switching between the male and female characters.

This audiobook is the perfect length for a “read in one sitting” story.

Ms. Gerrard created a wonderful “retelling” of Beauty and the Beast with this one. She mixed in a bit of secrets to the story and produced a novella that was filled with steamy passion, incredible lust, and a yearning for more than just a one night stand. Ms. Gerrard’s character Simon was beautiful. He was a man who was strong and passionate on the inside but showed the world on the outside that he was a brooding, mean beast. When he met Hortense, or Lila as she’s known, the desire and quick lust that overcomes the story is amazingly created! Lila’s character was beautiful, too. The way she didn’t run when she saw Simon’s face and the way she came to terms with her past so quickly, was a lovely addition to this schmexy tale!

I highly recommend this novella to everyone (or at least to those that are looking for a hot, erotic passion filled read!). It will pull you to the heart of Simon and Lila’s story. The narrator will entrance you with her voice and really make the characters stand out and come to life. I am looking forward to reading, or listening, to more of Ms. Gerrard’s romantic stories!