Review: The 30 Day Sub by Alaska Angelini

The 30 Day Sub by Alaska Angelini
Release Date:  September 30, 2013
Publisher:  Evernight Publishing
Pages:   76
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

Cate craves a master more than anything. The moment she meets Torrance McLaren, her trainer, she knows that his firm hand and gentle heart are exactly what she needs to get over her weight and trust issues from her dark past. But Torrance is so much more than what she expected, and she quickly catches herself falling for him. Things turn hot, fast, and the temptation to give in to each other is overwhelming for both.

Even though Torrance knows he’ll only have Cate for a month, he claims her as his own. As long as she’s under his roof, she belongs to him. But her real master and his ridiculous rules about her diet quickly begin to get under his skin. Cate has gorgeous curves and a big heart. She’s the perfect submissive. But ultimately, not his. Will Torrance be able train her and send her to her real master, or will he risk everything for a thirty-day sub?


Review:  The 30 Day Sub is by Alaska Angelini is not part of a series I would love to see these characters again in the future.  I loved the premise of the story after I read the summery.  It was one that stuck to me.

Cate wants a master in the worst way.  She meets a man who agrees to be her master after she is trained.  Therefore, Cate is sent to one of the most sought after trainer for the next thirty days.

Torrance is not just a Dom but is also a trainer.  He does not get emotionally involved with his subs but Cate calls to me in ways he tries very hard to ignore.  Torrance balances the line with what he is forced to do based on Cate’s new masters instructions and what he wants to do based on his own desires.

The chemistry between Cate and Torrance is blistering.  The sex scenes were schorching.  It was easy to tell that they cared about each other but with Torrance not the relationship type of person they each try hard in their respective roles.  I think if Cate was safe with her new master this story would have had a different type of ending.

I would have loved if this book was more flushed out than it was especially the scene just before the end.  It seemed a bit rushed.  The main and secondary characters were realistic and interesting.  This book shows you not to rush into any relationship and it also shows how dangerous they can be.  Overall, this is was a great book.  I have read several books by Ms. Angelini and each book is better than the last.


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