Review: Playing with Fire by Jenika Snow

Playing with Fire by Jenika Snow
Series: Ecstasy, Colorado (# 1)
Release Date: June 6, 2013
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 125
Source: Book provided by the publisher for review

Ecstasy, Colorado, a town full of beauty and secrets…

Jane Silver has a past that rivals horror stories, but she prevails, because with the Holden twins by her side she knows she can get through anything. The only problem is she loves not one brother, but both.

Two brothers in love with the same woman…

William and Rys Holden, twins, have been in love with Jane since they were young. But the brothers know she deserves so much more than what they can give her. With one brother reserved and the other the town playboy, a platonic relationship is the safest for all of them. But soon the three are involved in a love triangle with no intent on stopping. When a scandal threatens their newfound relationship, the brothers will do anything to make sure nothing stands in the way of claiming Jane Silver as theirs.


Review: Although Jane Silver may be called poor white trash behind her back, she has always been able to rely on the Holden twins, William and Rhys, to make her feel special.  But what happens when the bonds of friendship are tested by the desire for something more? Can Jane choose between William and Rhys?

Jenika Snow takes readers to Ecstasy, Colorado for Playing with Fire. Judging from this installment, we haven’t heard the last from the town’s residents. The heat factor in Playing with Fire is extremely high, particularly with the inclusion of ménage themes.

From a plot standpoint, the biggest challenge is whether Jane and the twins are going to test the relationship waters. Although there is a potential conflict with a former flame, the focus is on the budding romance. It would be helpful for the story to undergo another edit to remove some potentially distracting typos.

The author devotes a significant amount of effort to character development. This helps illustrate that while the brothers may share the same physical characteristics, their personalities are different. There is a deep emotional connection between the twins and Jane that could potentially be damaged by a physical relationship.

Snow is a veteran writer of erotica who knows how to craft a love scene. Yet as any experienced reader knows, when the steam is cleared, there needs to be substance. This installment does an adequate job as a quick erotic read, but more development of the plot would have made it memorable beyond the heat factor.