Review: Obsessive Surrender by Bobbi Cole Meyer

Obsessive Surrender by Bobbi Cole Meyer
Release Date: December 1, 2013
Publisher: Arrow Publications, LLC
Pages: 326
Source: Book provided by the publisher for review



Inscrutable billionaire, Ivan Littlefield, is reported to be a sexually insatiable, uncompromising, manipulative playboy who discards lovers who are unwilling to share his explorations into the darker side of eroticism. No one knows that behind the arrogant, stoic façade there is a lonely, emotionally scarred man haunted by his past and driven by an obsessive, secret quest.

Then Ivan meets a naïve waif of a girl, Andrea Parker, and he sees the chance to fulfill his obsessive quest. He vows to have her; to mold her. But although he also vows to maintain control at all times, Ivan is blindsided by feelings he doesn’t want to acknowledge, but can’t deny—and he must face the reality that this obsession could lead to his surrender.


Review:  In true Vegas style, Bobbi Cole Meyer rolls out a gritty love story amid a backdrop of casinos and big money with Obsessive Surrender.

At the center of the novel is young, innocent Andrea Parker. One look is all it takes for wealthy Ivan Littlefield to know that she is the woman he wants, in spite of her bargain store clothing and lack of sophistication. As the story unfolds, Ivan introduces Andrea to his world — a world where desire and submission go together. What Ivan fails to realize is that an obsession can become dangerous when your heart gets involved.

While my feminist hackles started to rise as I read about the erotic teaching discipline that Ivan practices in the indoctrination room, I was intrigued by Andrea’s sense of acceptance. The kinky scenes drive the heat factor off the charts.

As Andrea embraces her new life, the foundation is laid for conflict. Whether it comes from Ivan’s insecurity or the business rival across town, the sparks start flying. The author does a fantastic job setting the scene and depicting a life of luxury in Vegas.

It’s a compelling story that effectively grabs the reader’s attention. There is a ménage scene in the story, so beware that in Ivan’s world, only his rules exist. When it comes to surrender, there are no white flags.

The author pulls no punches with her descriptions of what obsession looks like. She takes the readers for a ride on the wild side, which means this is a perfect book for those of us who like a strong helping of spice.