Review: Night Moves by Julie Kenner

Night Moves by Julie Kenner
Series: 24 hours- Blackout (# 1)
Re-release Date: May 15, 2010
Publisher: Harlequin Blaze
Pages: 256
Source:  book provided by the author for review

If there hadn’t been a 24-hour blackout…

Ella never would have shared a candlelit dinner in her apartment with her friend Shane. Or noticed how truly hot he was. After all, they were best buddies who’d always confided in each other–including their most intimate desires. But suddenly Ella didn’t want to talk to Shane as much as she wanted to kiss him….

Shane never would have been so certain he should seduce Ella. But he’d wanted her for years–it was time Ella found out he could fulfill all her sensual fantasies. So he suggested they pass the time playing games–sex games….

They never would have indulged in the most incredible sex they’d ever had. They connected, body and soul. But can their relationship–and their friendship–survive in the clear light of day?


Review:  Ella is committed to her boyfriend,  Tony.  While he is dependable, he is just a little boring, just a little too plain vanilla for the active and outgoing Ella.  Ella thinks Tony is about to pop the question and she has convinced herself this is what she wants.  But, when she takes a college course in erotica,  Tony is not the guy she is fantasizing about… it’s her very best friend since elementary school- Shane.    Little does Ella know that Shane has loved her since second grade.  Now time is ticking away for both of them.  Shane is about to take a job that requires a relocation and Ella is about to accept a marriage proposal from Tony.  So, with time running out, Shane devises a clever plan to seduce Ella.

Shane invited Ella over for dinner and they became trapped by a blackout.  Shane waste no time in using this to his advantage.  With Ella’s college textbooks and Shane’s vivid imagination,  the couple gives into sensual experimentation.  Tony would never have agreed to try the things Shane was suggesting.  It was just for her research, a part of her college course,  right?  Well, maybe not.  How will Ella feel when she finds out Shane has set out to seduce her all along?

This is a hot steamy romance that explored the “When Harry Met Sally”  theme of  can friends become lovers without ruining their friendship.   Ella’s feelings for Shane were buried deep inside of her because she never let herself consider him as a possibility.  Maybe the stable relationship with Tony opened the door for Shane a little because Ella was working hard to convince herself she could be happy with Tony.  Shane showed Ella that romance and love didn’t have to be boring.  They played sex games together under the guise of experimentation, but what was really happening was an awakening for both of them, although Shane was way ahead of Ella for awhile.

While this is story is erotic in nature, it is a very light erotica.  It’s playful and sensual with nothing hardcore.  I guess it depends on your comfort zone in such matters, but with today’s Christian Grey type novels being the norm, this one is very, very tame.  I am not all that into today’s erotica,  so this one was just my speed.  I loved Shane and his seductive style.  He  obviously loves Ella and was willing to risk everything for a chance to be with her romantically.   I was profoundly relieved that Ella didn’t wind up with Tony, who will be perfect for someone, just not Ella.   Shane and Ella are the perfect couple and there’s no doubt they will remain best friends and lovers.

I would recommend this one for contemporary romance lovers that like a little extra spice with their romance.  This book is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle format.