Review: Moving On by Sam Crescent

Moving On by Sam Crescent
Series:  Cape Falls (# 5)
Release Date:  October 6, 2013
Publisher:  Evernight Publishing
Pages: 110
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Peter has been in love with the same woman for over a decade, but he could never have her. He has loved her for so long that he can’t imagine loving anyone else in his life. In his troubles, his one piece of heaven is going to the library and seeing Rose.

Rose knows all about Peter and his love for another woman. No matter how hard she tries, she cannot stop her feelings for him. Peter is the first man to make her feel alive, but her family is determined for her to be with someone else.

When Peter discovers the abuse Rose is being put through, he sees red. Taking her away from her family, he is determined to make her his.

It’s time to move on, but Peter is not the only one who needs to look toward the future. Cape Falls itself is about to be hit by an event that will leave them no choice but to move on.


Review:  Moving On is the fifth book in the Cape Falls series by Sam Crescent.  While reading the prior books in the series can help you understand the town and some elements of the story, this book can still be read as a standalone novel.

Peter has always thought he was in love with the one woman he can’t have to the point he has even deluded himself about it.  Peter has a good heart had does what he thinks is best for those around him.  He has his eyes set of Rose.  He enjoys the time he spends at the library with her.  While he might have started going for a woman of the past he now goes for a woman of the present that intrigues him.

Rose is a young woman of 19 raised in a town where they child don’t have a whole lot choices other than to do what they are told by their parents.  Rose has been raised to fear leaving the town.  Her parents have chosen whom she is to marry without her consent.  They also starve her to get her to lose the weight her husband to be wants.  Rose does not even realize she has any choices in her life until Peter helps her escape.

Rose and Peter connected in a way I think each did not expect.  I loved that they started as friends before it became something more.  The sex scenes were steamy but they were not over the top either.  Rose and Peter seem to have what it takes to last a lifetime.  I also enjoyed how honest each of them were with each other.

I did find this book well written with interesting and engaging characters.  I enjoyed this book a lot but I wish this book was longer and more in depth as to Rose and Peter’s relationship and more information about Rose’s parents were told.  I love Ms. Crescents books and this did not disappoint in the least.


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