Review: Loving a Vampire by Sam Crescent

Loving a Vampire by Sam Crescent
Release Date: August 11, 2013
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 106
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review



Finding love as a human is hard, but try being a vampire plagued with blood-lust—it’s impossible!

Augustus has been alone for a long time. Now all he wants is a woman to love and a friend to spend his time with. But after centuries of being alone and failing with the people he turns, Augustus loses hope.

When he stumbles on dying drug addict Gregory, Augustus cannot believe his luck. Their friendship builds over time as he keeps the human alive until Augustus would do anything for Gregory, including finding a woman for them to share.

No woman has ever become an obsession to him until he meets Marianna, whose beauty captures his attention … and Gregory’s.

Can these two humans satisfy one old vampire? And what happens when Augustus loses control and kills one of them? Will it be too late to change them, or will one of them turn their back on the blood-lust-filled immortal?

Loving a vampire is hard.



Review: I love to read books by this author because you are never sure what you will get. They are each exciting and the passion always melts the pages. This is one of the shortest’s books that I have read by this author.

Augustus is a vampire that has seen lots of things. He is 300 years old and I can’t say that I would survive after everything he has lived through. All he wants is a friend and a woman to love. For a vampire that can be hard to find. Seems that he suffers from blood lust and everyone he turns has the same problems. Until one day he hears someone screaming in his mind that he wants to live. He decides to help the human out and get his story. Seems that Gregory was a drug addict and was just after his next high. He never knew that this time would be the death of him.

Gregory has been friends with Augustus for five years. Augustus gives him blood everyday because it is how he survives. All Gregory wants to be is a vampire. He just can’t seem to get his point across and gets mad every time the subject is brought up. Everything changes one night when Augustus notices a waitress in a cafe and stops to see what is holding his attention so much.

Marianna is an innocent young woman and doesn’t know the dangers that are always around. Even her boss is a danger to her. She has noticed this same customer coming in every night and doesn’t know what to say to him. That night on the way home she is almost raped but gets a saving she never seen coming. She never knew that there really were vampires.

I will warn you that this is a great read but it is also a menage between M/F/M. The males have no feelings for each other that way. They just all three fall in love with each other. At first I didn’t know about this book because the author wrote differently and it took me a little to get used to it. Now I am glad that I took the time and read it. I usually read the series that she writes. I will warn you that there is also lots of sex in this book.

If none of these things bother you then you should really give this book a try. After I read this book I never wanted to be a vampire as much as I did when I finished this book. There is just something about a vampire that turns me on.