Review: Hold Me Together by Felice Fox

Hold Me Together by Felice Fox
Series: Men of Cameron Ranch (# 1)
Release Date: October 31, 2013
Publisher: M. Scribes Press
Pages: 116
Source: book provided by the publicist for review



After boot-stomping all night with every last Cameron man on the ranch, Holly can’t wait to get her honeymoon started with her new husband, Gavin. He’s her dream come true–smart, rugged and kinky as hell, but the very best part is marrying into his big family; a close-knit, loving clan who take care of each other. She’d never had that. Ever. “Do you take this man…?” was the easiest question Holly ever had to answer.

But when Gavin poses a new, unthinkable question on their wedding night, Holly must choose between the idealized happily-ever-after she’d always dreamed of and something much more than she ever knew she wanted– or needed. Yet her happiness isn’t the only thing put at risk by the unconventional arrangement she finds herself in, and when everything Gavin treasures is threatened, Holly must decide if she can give up the family she’d always wanted for the family that wants her… in every possible way.


Review:  Hold Me Together is the first book in the Men of Cameron Ranch by Felice Fox. I chose this book because from the summery, it looked interesting and I wanted to see how this book would turn out.

We meet Holly and Gavin on their wedding night. Gavin had Holly make a list of the sex acts she loves. Gavin ties her up and then brings in his brothers and proceeds to tell her this is how his family does it, as a group. Holly is expected to have sex with not just Gavin but his five brothers.

The first sex scene which borders on rape because I don’t think Holly ever really gives consent, considering she is hysterical and begging to be untied but Gavin demands and gets a blow job. Then his brothers start giving her oral sex all the while she is crying and upset.

On an intellectual level, Gavin pushed Holly’s boundaries because she was curious as to ménage and would embrace it. However, we don’t get to see Gavin and Holly fall in love so the first sex scenes is hard to understand. I don’t think Gavin went about it the right way. Gavin should have talked to Holly about it. Besides I don’t think Gavin’s brothers were invested in a relationship with Holly. It was apparent in how they talked to her or about her.

This book is not your usual mange novel. In fact this book manages to draw strong emotions while reading and after. I read this book then set it aside for a bit before I wrote the review so I was not too emotional about it. Ms. Fox pushes the limit on what is acceptable in a relationship. I liked that this book had a happy conclusion but the journey there is drenched in emotion it makes it almost painful to read. This book is not for everyone.