Review: Healed Hearts by Tamsin Baker

Healed Hearts by Tamsin Baker
Series: Third Bite (# 3)
Release Date: July 11, 2013
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 65
Source: Book provided by the publisher for review


Lucas and Thomas believed themselves unusually blessed to have found their third mate within only three hundred years of becoming vampires. Unfortunately, once they turned Piers, that empty, lonely feeling is still there—within all of them. Ten years of strained relations lead them to a ball where an old friend helps them track down a woman they have all dreamt of.

Maryanne has been thrown out of London in punishment for allowing her fiancé into her bed. She is travelling to meet her new horrid husband-to-be, when she is accosted by three male vampires, all claiming to want to love her.

What is a shamed lady meant to do? Her duty? To marry the horrible old Lord, or risk loving three men who are the answer to her prayers?


Review:  Vampire Lucas and Thomas believed they would find complete happiness once they welcomes Piers into their lives. What they didn’t realize is that in order to find fulfillment, they would need to broaden their circle to include Maryanne, a human.

In Healed Hearts, author Tamsin Baker tells the story of the three vampires and the search for the missing link in their relationship. While the story line holds many possibilities to develop, more attention seems to be focused on physical encounters between the characters.

Given that it is a short read to begin with, there is simply no time for proper plot development. Errors in choreography such as using the wrong character’s name hamper the reader’s experience.

There is potential for conflict when the three vampires realize that Maryanne is on her way to meet her future husband, but this angle isn’t fully explored.

This book contains multiple encounters of m/m and ménage scenarios. While the heat factor is evident throughout the story, it makes to make up for an under-developed storyline.