Review: Good Guys Love Dogs by Inglath Cooper

Good Guys Love Dogs by Inglath Cooper
Release Date:  June 7, 2012
Publisher: Fence Free
Pages: 300
Source:  book provided by the author for review

Desperate father Ian McKinley moves his delinquent teenage son to the small Virginia town of Keeling Creek, a place very unlike the New York City life he has been leading. Love takes him by surprise when he falls for Colby Williams, a woman unlike anyone he has ever been drawn to, a small town vet with a heart for animals and a fierce love for a teenage daughter she is also struggling to raise.  But Colby has a secret in her past, a secret she’s not sure her daughter will ever forgive her for. And as for Ian McKinley, he seems too good to be true. If she had learned anything from the one time she had thrown her  heart fully into love, it was that it didn’t last.


Review:  I started this book thinking that it would take me not long to finish it, yet I enjoyed this book so much, I savored it until the last section, then I stayed up all night reading the rest! I thoroughly envisioned the town of Keeling Creek, and pictured a small community of neighbors as I read the description and the character development. and found myself wanting to take a vacation there.

Inglath’s writing was lovely, and sweet, and I enjoyed reading about Colby and Ian. Colby seemed like one of those mothers you wish you could interview.  I found myself almost disliking Ian when he was feeling an attraction to Colby when he was engaged, but when I started to cheer him on, because he was such a helpful, friendly man, and it would make sense that Colby would fall in love with a secure, stable man after being a single mother for so long. I really wished I could be with her when she confronted her ex because he was awful! Especially when her daughter felt confused and along.

I really enjoyed reading the teenager’s story as well, and I have to admit I teared up a bit as I could totally relate to Lena when I had been her age. The author did a great job at using subplots, and in showing us a double romance.

If you enjoy small town romance, strong character development, and a sweet romance that made you sigh, check out this book. Please write Rachel’s story as she was nice, but just wanted different things from Ian, and she deserves her own story!


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