Review: Billboard Cop by Lynde Lakes

Billboard Cop by Lynde Lakes
Release Date: December 17, 2012
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Pages: 304
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Wanted: Old-fashioned wife. No others need apply.
York Wylinski, a hard-core homicide detective with old-fashioned values, yearns for a woman with the same sensibilities. A billboard ad seems like the perfect way to find her. But what he gets is a beautiful, conniving reporter on the trail of story.

Jen Lyman is a thoroughly modern reporter. When she sees the billboard ad, she wants the scoop, and pretending to be an old-fashioned girl seems like the perfect way to get it. But what she gets is a gorgeous cop who just happens to be the detective in charge of the murder case she’s pursuing.

By the time York discovers Jen’s deception, he’s already falling for her. His first thought is to run like hell. That is, until he learns she’s involved in his copycat Boston Strangler case. And what she knows could kill her…


Review: When I read the blurb for this title I was intrigued and curious to see the angle that the author was going to take with this story. As such, I was grateful for the opportunity to read and review this title.

In Billboard Cop we meet York Wylinski a police detective who is searching for an old-fashioned woman to spend the rest of his life with. To help him in his quest, he places an advertisement on a billboard which caught the eye of an intrepid reporter named Jen Lyman. Jen instantly saw a story in the making and like a dog with a bone she embarked on a mission to learn who the man behind the advertisement was.

When these two met sparks flew. However, York was upset when he realized he was duped by Jen. She was intent on writing his story, regardless of the consequences. Things became more complicated when Jen began to receive threatening emails and messages in relation to a story that she was investigating. What made it even more intriguing was that York was also investigating the same case as a result; she was forced to accept his protection and work with him on the case. What followed is a story filled with intrigue, mystery, suspense and action.

I found Jen to be somewhat pigheaded. She loved taking unnecessary risks just to get her story. York on the other hand is a bit bossy. He was not keen on Jen placing herself in harm’s way as such he is willing to protect her at all cost even if she did not want it.

The story is gripping and quite a page turner. I was hooked from the beginning and I was eager to find out what was going to happen next. This story had so many suspects it was difficult to figure out who the real villain was.

This was a great read and I recommend it for readers who love, intrigue, action and suspense in their romance stories.




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