Review: Beauty and the Brigadier by D.L. Jackson

Beauty and the Brigadier by D.L. Jackson
Series: 1Night Stand
Release Date: January 14, 2014
Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
Pages: 42
Source: Book provided by the publisher for review



Brigadier General Eli Wells needs a date, but he’s not been out socially since his wife passed away two years before. The lack of a personal life is making him unbearable to be around.

Anya Volkov’s modeling days are over. At the suggestion of her former agent and only friend, she elects to try an internet dating service called 1Night Stand. The first time she meets General Eli Wells, she knows he’s everything she asked for and more, but he also seems to be holding back and testing her. Can she get him to loosen up and take a chance, or will the date be over before it starts?


Review:  D.L. Jackson proves there’s no age limit on attraction in Beauty and the Brigadier. As part of the 1Night Stand series, Madame Eve’s exclusive dating service creates a match between Brigadier General Eli Wells and supermodel Anya Volkov. They agree to a “predate” at the military base. Eli plans to give Anya a taste of his world to see if she’s got the right stuff.

Although it is snack-size in length, the storyline is engaging, particularly since it features an older couple. The potential exists for more development, but in keeping with the series theme, it isn’t meant to be a full-blown novel. Readers should be aware that there is not a lot of depth to the story, making it a quick read.

The characters generate plenty of heat, providing a spicy framework as the two put Madame Eve’s matchmaking skills to the test. I would classify this as being on the lighter end of the erotic genre.