Review: A Promise for Her Love by Elaina Lee

A Promise for Her Love by Elaina Lee
Release Date: November 1, 2012
Publisher:  Astrea Press
Pages:  70
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Christmas is supposed to be the most joyful time of year. Instead, Caylie Abrahams finds herself consumed by doubts and misgivings as her wedding date to Rick Marshall approaches. From two different walks of life, Caylie fears Rick’s family, and his money, will be too much to handle. Matters don’t improve much when Rick is forced to give her a prenuptial agreement. Knowing the marriage contract may be the last straw for Caylie, Rick has to find a way to show his bride-to-be the agreement doesn’t mean their marriage is doomed. Not only does he need to make sure her worries are addressed, but the pressure of keeping his hands to himself until their wedding night is proving more difficult than he anticipated.


Review:   At seventy pages, including an excerpt from a connected story, there was a lot of action but not a lot of believably.  A millionaire businessman falls in love with a penniless teacher who resents having to sign a prenuptial agreement. I could feel their love and frustration on both sides but Rick’s mama has to go or there won’t be any love, romance or a marriage.  I liked that the story was set at Christmas and the descriptions of the house  and the snowmobiling had me visualizing the locations.  The family scenes were a nice touch too. Kyle was a kid at heart but also trying to be an adult at only eighteen years old.  There was some closure even if it was a little far fetched but it feels like the story will continue so maybe there’s another connected novella in my future.

This is a follow up to the book To Urn Her Love which apparently sets the stage for Caylie and Rick’s romance.  There was an excerpt at the back of the book and it filled in some of the blanks for me and I do hope to read it to get the entire back story.  This is the second novella I’ve read by Lee and I liked that it was a contemporary romance but similar to the first book, A Very Southern Affair, it was too short and I didn’t know I was at the end until I turned the last page of the story and came to the About the Author page.  I will continue to read her books since they are quick reads – a couple of hours and I was done but hope that eventually there will be a full length novel to pique my interest.

Favorite Quote:  Wrapping his arms around her, he brought his mouth close to hers.  “I plan to, future Mrs. Marshall.”