Guest: J. Alex Blane



What advice can you give first time authors?

Don’t get stuck going backwards.  If you do you will never progress forward.  When writing my novel the first few months I kept writing, re-reading, and editing my first chapter.  I kept telling myself “hmmm I could write that better” or “what if I add…”  You have to realize that writing isn’t about going back and getting things perfect the first go round it’s about going with the flow and at least getting it all out first and then going back and reviewing things.

Your writing is a body of work.  Taking that literally, if you look at writing like a, “BODY” of work, this may be helpful especially when you feel the need to edit and re-edit your novel.

  • The beginning process of writing is like constructing a skeleton, making sure all of the bones are in place and everything that should be there, is there.
  • The Skeleton: Once the skeleton is complete you start back from the beginning (Which for me was my first edit).  You start to add a little fat and muscle to the bone to thicken it up a little.  You make it stronger in some areas and maybe a little less strong in others.  Ultimately you are clarifying the direction of your novel.
  • The Muscle: Once the muscle and fat is added now it’s time to tone it up.  (Second Edit).  This is where you get it into better shape, trim the fat where it’s not needed, and added it where it is needed.   Here you’ll make some parts stronger but not steroid strong to the point where it’s unrealistic.
  • Getting Dressed: Dress it up.  The structure is there the toning is done now it comes time to showcase it.  For me I actually packaged my novel for another two part process.  I have another set of eyes professionally editing and then I will be giving a finished product to a selective group of friends and family (a focus group) to read and completely critique.  Dressing it up also means to make sure when designing your cover to have it done professionally.  If you are an independently published author the last thing you want to do is present a novel that looks unprofessional.


Where We Left Off by J. Alex Blane
Paperback: 290 pages
Publisher: J. Alex Blane; 1 edition
Release Date: February 9, 2013
Genre: Christian Fiction/Romance/Suspense

Some memories you do your best to forget. Others you wish you simply had the opportunity to remember. Mason Everett found himself in the center of both, as he felt the warmth of an autumn sun graze his face through the tinted windows. A successful Real-estate developer, Mason had his picture perfect life. He was young, handsome, wealthy and single. No stranger to keeping relationships at-arms-length he tries to avoided them at all costs living tirelessly by one rule: Never again let anyone close enough to hurt you–

Until he found himself falling for Sydney McCail, a young woman he met at his brother’s wedding. In the midst of a developing relationship Mason’s past begins to surface causing him to push Sydney away in fear of her finding out a secret he’d kept hidden for most of his life. In the wake of a tragic accident she finds what she thought she knew was only the beginning, and what happens from there leaves them both searching for answers to a single question in what turns out to be a startling outcome. Where We Left Off.


About the Author

Jalexblane_HeadshotJ. Alex Blane is an author whose debut novel Where We Left Off was his first break in the literary world of fiction romantic suspense, but definitely not his last as he is currently working on both his second & third novels within the series. A Multi-Media developer by trade; “J. Alex Blane is a talented man whose creativity is exceptional!” – Katrina Coleman (Amazon).

Since Alex could remember, it has always been his dream to write a novel. After nearly eight years of deciding to put a single ballpoint pen to a piece of paper he finally finished placing the last period at the end of the last sentence and introduced readers to Where We Left Off, a story that has evolved into something to this day he will say he never expected and in some cases transcending the definition of its genre.

Alex currently resides in Bear, Delaware with his wife and his two children where they share a small home just right for him to sneak off into a little corner and write more of what he loves and where he is currently at work on his next novel. He is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., Nu Upsilon Chapter in Wilmington, Delaware, a father and a husband. Alex loves to tell a good story, but more than that he loves to make you feel as if you are right there as it’s happening.

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