Audio Review: Dom of the Dead by Virginia Nelson

Dom of the Dead by Virginia Nelson
Series:  1 Night Stand (# 172)
Release Date:  February 18, 2014
Publisher:  Decadent Publishing
Audio Time: 1 hour and 9 minutes
Source:  audio book provided by the publisher for review



She couldn’t imagine living without him.

After Carson Black’s longtime crush and best friend, Randall Stokes, dies in a motorcycle accident, she openly weeps at his funeral. In the ensuing days and weeks of inconsolable grief, she hears his voice, smells his scent, feels his desires. She must be going mad.

He was afraid to demand what he needed.

Dominant Randall Stokes loves Carson but never expressed it while alive, never daring to dream the sweet girl next door could be the submissive he needed to find satisfaction. But after his death, a much clearer perspective of her needs, wants, and desires emerges.

A ghost of a chance…

Is it too late to have what they’ve both longed for?


Review:  To do this review I need to break it down into two parts.

The first is the overall theme or story line.  I thought that Ms. Nelson did a really good job at getting so much feeling into her story in such a short time.  Randall and Carson want just one night to show each other how they feel.  What they learn is that you need to live in the moment because if not you may never get the chance to let that special person know how you feel.  The characters were likable and you could feel the grief that Carson was feeling for the loss of her best friend.  The frustration that Randall was feeling at not getting the chance to touch or show Carson what she really means to him came through loud and clear.  The sex was hot.  It was sensual and sexy as hell without being creepy.  An orgasmic fantasy that would normally rate a ten…

However, to me it ended being bittersweet.  I had a rough time wrapping myself up in this story and letting the sensuousness of it take over.  For me I had issues with the narration.  I felt that the narrator lacked emotion.  Her monotone voice was void of any conviction or emotion.  She read Carson with a little bit of what I call a mousy voice, would while Randall was emotionless with a robotic -let’s get this over with voice.  After all these are two people that have just lost each other only to find that they have wanted and loved each other for a long time.  When they have sex for the first time it should be read with conviction that shows the passion, the depth, the heat the force in which he takes and throws her up against the wall bringing her to the brink but not letting her finish.  To me as a reader I should be squirming in my seat.  I should feel this heat…this commitment they have just made.  Instead to me it was lackluster…to monochromatic for me.

To sum this up…the story holds much promise for such a short quick read and was quite good as a whole.  But as an audio I expected more…