Review: Too Hard To Break by Missy Jane

Too Hard To Break by Missy Jane
Series: Love Beyond Barriers (# 3)
Release DateJanuary 10, 2013
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc.
Pages:  88
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

A few months ago, I finally moved on with my life and got away from my abusive ex-boyfriend. That should be a good thing, right? But now I’m living with Hunky Hank, my ex’s former friend turned my Knight in Shining Armor. He’s great at everything and treats me like a queen.

Unfortunately, that makes me feel needy when I’m trying to be more independent. When I need to be more independent. So when I started getting vibes of another woman, I knew it was time to move out and move on. So much easier said than done. It’s hard to leave behind the most perfect guy I’ve ever known. The only one who sees me not as a shattered image, but as someone too hard to break.


Review:  This is a novella at only 88 pages but a lot was packed into it.  We were given the history of Declan,  Hank and Elle  as well as her family and her relationship with Megan, her best friend, and Megan’s fiancé, Sean.  There was violence anytime Declan was in the picture which wasn’t pretty but very scary.  There was also love, romance, friends, a dysfunctional family, sadness, happiness, uncertainty, some laughter and tears.  Hank was too good to be true and everything he did – both words and actions – proved what a nice guy he was.  Elle never felt she was worthy of him and kept distancing herself  each time she took a step forward.  Watching Hank try to knock down her barriers was heartwarming and his feelings for Elle shone through. There was an unexpected happily ever after but  an epilogue or a few more chapters would have given better closure.

I have read books by Jane before and liked them.  I will continue to add her books to my TBR pile including the first two books in the series that I haven’t yet read!

Favorite Quote:  “I did it,” I repeated.  “I beat him up.  He didn’t hurt me this time.”