Review: To Love and Submit by Katy Swann

To Love and Submit by Katy Swann
Series:  Boundaries (# 1)
Release Date:  December 20, 2013
Publisher:  Totally Bound Publishing
Pages:  136
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

Rachel Porter’s dreams of being dominated are finally about to come true. But can she live up to the demands of a real-life Dom?

Rachel Porter is feisty, independent and horny. Her libido is taunting her with erotic dreams of being tethered and spanked by a gorgeous, dominant man and, as a result, she decides to pursue her fledgling interest in BDSM after her trusted Rabbit gives up on her.

When she unexpectedly bumps into her sexy but demanding boss, Adam Stone, at Boundaries, an exclusive BDSM club, it seems all her dreams are about to come true. Adam is a strict and challenging Dom and it’s not long before he has Rachel kneeling at his feet, right where she wants to be.

Rachel soon comes to crave Adam’s firm discipline, but when she becomes too flippant and deliberately provokes a spanking, she finds out that a real punishment is not as pleasurable as an erotic one. Nevertheless, her complete surrender during these punishments takes her to new heights she never thought possible.

But Rachel also learns that one of the most important aspects of a BDSM relationship is trust, and that’s the one thing she doesn’t have. After a lifetime of betrayal, she’s not about to risk losing her heart again.

To make matters worse, when she learns that Adam’s ex-wife was, in fact, his slave, she realises that she might have to give up more than she’d bargained for if she’s to remain his submissive.


Review:   To Love and Submit is the first book in the Boundaries series by Katy Swann.  I chose this book because after reading the summery I was intrigued and had to read this book.  I read this book in one sitting I could not put this book down.

Rachel Porter has always dreamed of finding a real life dom.  She is a feisty, independent woman who is looking to know more about BDSM.  Rachel knows what she wants and is willing to do what she needs to to get it.  She is also attracted to her boss.

Adam is a dom and also Rachel’s boss.  Before he pursues her, he has a trusted friend feel her out and her interest in BDSM because he does not want to cross a line and lose a great assistant.  Adam is a hot and sexy man who tries to do the right thing.

The chemistry between Adam and Rachel is scorching.  The sex scenes are blistering.  The more Rachel learns from Adam the more she craves his control. They are a great match and he seems to help her focus on her work and not daydream as much.

I found this book well written.  I loved this book a lot.  I was sucked into the story.  I hope we get to see these two characters again in the future.  The main and secondary characters were interesting and realistic.  Overall, this was a wonderful story and I hope I find a boss just like Adam.


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