Review: Tie Me Free by Sandra Bunino

Tie Me Free by Sandra Bunino
Series: Satin Rose Experience (# 4)
Release Date: September 12, 2013
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 75
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

She’s forty and vanilla…he’s twenty-eight and…not.

Score one for Kate Angel. She’s just signed the hottest erotica author to her start up publishing house, Angel Books, but she needs a crash course in kink to appease her demanding client. Creating a profile seems like an innocent way to do her homework and satisfy her curiosity.

Mason Myers has lived a lifetime in his twenty-eight years. The product of an Irish orphanage, he grew up fast to overcome his lonely, humble beginnings to become the successful businessman he is today. He’s also an experienced Dom at the Satin Rose Experience, an elite BDSM club in New York City.

A mutual appreciation for modern art establishes their online connection. Mason convinces Kate to meet him at the Guggenheim museum’s erotica exhibit where she reveals her fascination in the art of rope bondage, known as Shibari. Introducing her to the ancient art within the safety of the club, Mason helps Kate surrender her deep-seated hang-ups about her age and body image.

As the physical and emotional ties that bind her into the submissive of his fantasies tighten, can Kate learn to break the emotional tethers ruling her life and embrace the freedoms they bestow?


Review:  Tie Me Free is the fourth book in The Satin Rose Experience series by Sandra Bunino. I chose this book because I have read the other books in the series and I have enjoyed reading other book I have read by Ms. Bunino.

Kate is forty-year-old woman who is established in her career and looking to expand. As she takes on publishing a BDSM book, she begins to look into the lifestyle and it connects to her more than she ever thought it would. Kate comes across as charming in how naïve she is despite her age and her career.

Mason is a hot and sexy twenty eight year old man. He likes older woman and also being a Dom gives him the chance to meet her. I loved that he saw her not just as a challenge but a way to prove her wrong as his heart got involved.

The chemistry between Mason and Kate is blazing. The sex scenes were scorching. I loved that they connected outside the bedroom together as well as in the bedroom. While the age difference can become an issue having many similar interests will help with issue as they arise because are closely connected.

I found this book well written. The main and secondary characters were realistic and interesting. I loved that ending of the story because it fit these characters so well. This was one book I had a hard time putting down because I read this book in one sitting. Ms. Bunino writing style drew me into the story and did not let go until the very end. Overall, this was a magnificent book and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.