Review: The Billionaire’s Con by Mackenzie Crowne

The Billionaire’s Con by Mackenzie Crowne
Release Date: July 23, 2013
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Pages: 176
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

Chef Meggy Calhoun realizes her long-held dream with the opening of Boston’s hottest new culinary experience. Crazy-busy with her new restaurant, she can’t deny a fascination for her hunky new tenant. But will her secret connection to one of New England’s most powerful families poison her recipe for success, and leave her heart flambeed? Trevor Bryce Christos would do anything to protect the woman who raised him. Even seduce a beautiful con artist disguised as a chef and bent on cashing in on his family’s wealth. Taking up residence in Meggy’s carriage house while disguised as a writer doing research on small town New England is the perfect ploy to catch her at her game. But when the truth of her parentage is revealed, and his ruse exposed, he’ll need the townsfolk’s help with spin control if love is to remain on the menu.


Review: The Billionaire’s Con is about Trevor Bryce finding the truth about Megan Calhoun’s identity being the long lost great-granddaughter of Elizabeth Ashford, who is the billionaire owner of Martha’s vineyard and also the grandmother of Trevor. I just gave you a summary of what the whole book is about in one sentence. Too complicated?

Thinking about it, the plot and story is a usual one in which you can predict what comes one after another. The book is told in a third person point of view which is my least favorite POV. What’s good about it are the characters. I like how likable they are, even the supporting characters.

There’s not much to say about the book without giving away too much. If you want to have a fun and light read, try this one. Just don’t have your hopes too high.