Review: Spy in the Saddle by Dana Marton

Spy in the Saddle by Dana Marton
Series: HQ: Texas (# 6)
Release Date: November 1 , 2013
Publisher: Harlequin
Pages: 224
Source: book provided by the author for review


It’s been ten years since soldier Shep Lewis laid eyes on delinquent-turned-FBI-agent Lilly Tanner, and this time they have an even bigger problem than each other: terrorists. In the center of a smuggling operation, Shep and Lilly must partner up and protect each other.

Not even their undercover identities can mask the mounting attraction between the pair as they struggle to survive in the merciless Texas borderlands. Can they put the past behind them and focus on the mission at hand? Or will their partnership reignite the flames of their untapped passions?


Review: After reading My Spy, I was eager to read Spy in the Saddle and I am so glad I was able to do so. Dana Marton has proven that she is adept at writing the type of stories that captures the attention of readers who enjoy the thrill they get from reading books that are packed with action, suspense, mystery and romance.

Spy in the Saddle (which is the sequel to My Spy) is about a young FBI agent named Lilly Tanner who was once a juvenile delinquent and undercover Commando Shepard (Shep) Lewis who happened to be her parole office at the time. Lilly’s past was shrouded with pain and loss as a result she was afraid to trust anyone who tried to help her. It was this mistrust that led to Shep’s career as a parole officer coming to an abrupt end. They have not seen each other for over ten years, this however was about to change when Lilly was assigned to the case that Shep happened to be working on.

Lilly is competent at her job and she does not hesitate to take risks as she feels that she constantly needs to prove that she was no longer a screw-up. She is willing to do whatever is required to get the job done which did not sit well with Shep. Initially Shep was not looking forward to working with Lilly as the memories of the last time he saw her still haunted him. The moment he laid eyes on her Shep knew he was in trouble. He tried to fight the feelings that he had for her but this proved to be quite difficult especially seeing that they had to work so closely together. He had this urgent need to protect her at all time as he felt he failed to do so ten years ago.

These two made a great team. It was quite clear that the chemistry between them was not only personal but also work related.

This book is chock full of action, drama and suspense. It is a bit light on the romance not that much could have taken place with all that was happening. This is a great read which kept me turning the pages and which constantly had me on the edge of my seat.

If you enjoy stories that are action packed and which keep you on the edge of your seat then you need to get yourself a copy of this book.