Review: Fortune’s Folly by Barbara Miller

Fortune’s Folly by Barbara Miller
Release DateJuly 26, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages:  173
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

Roxanne Whitcomb plans to spend her first season in London after a family scandal—her father’s suicide and her mother’s quick remarriage—finding a rich backer for her brother’s inventions. Better that than searching for a beau amongst the deadly dull ton, who do nothing but whisper and speculate about her situation. But then she meets Spencer Tanner and falls, dare she say it, in love. With a cit! But a handsome, rich, loyal and exasperating cit.

Tanner is attracted to Roxanne’s wit and startled by her volatility. But he assumes she’s like other women of the ton—in need of protection, in desire of convention. Tanner is inclined to wade in with his fists when Roxanne needs assistance, only to discover she is more than capable of rescuing herself. And to his surprise, this only makes him like her more. Or is it something else, something Spencer Tanner never expected to find amidst the fortune hunters in London? Something like…love.


Review: This was a short historical romance at only 173 pages but it was quick moving with lots of adventures and misadventures, a mystery to solve – not hard to do but it was for the characters, villains, the Ton, dances and balls, teas and dinners, family and friends, romance and love.

The main characters were diverse in their thinking and actions.  Roxanne was not a typical Englishwoman looking for love and to be taken care of.  She liked her independence and didn’t want to feel smothered.  Her brother Fredrick never was aware of his surroundings or what was going on around him since he seemed to be only interested in his inventions.  Spencer Tanner, a businessman, was attracted to Roxanne because of her spunky nature although he had no real interest in settling down.  His sister Holly seemed lovely and was taken under Roxanne’s wing to aid her through the season and was an unexpected friend.  Captain Harding was a friend that was always in the thick of things and helping out where he was needed. Throw in an aunt, some mothers, background on the fathers since they were deceased and some villains and a well rounded cast of characters was presented.

There were several happily ever afters in the offing and some closure but an epilogue or a few more chapters would have been nice since the story seemed to end abruptly.  I’ve read other books by Miller before and enjoyed them.  I look forward to reading more in the future.

Favorite Quote: “I’m sorry.  I had no right to speak so plainly, for I do believe you are a good man, but women have so few rights or choices that I cannot bear to see Holly trying to choose between the lesser of many evils rather than a man who will make her truly happy.”