Review: For All the Right Reasons by Elaine Coffman

For All The Right Reasons by Elaine Coffman
Series: Mackinnon’s series (# 2)
Re-Release Date: January 31, 2013
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 392
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

Katherine Simon has loved Alexander Mackinnon all her life. But his heart has always belonged to her sister, Karin, in spite of the fact that fickle-hearted Karin cannot be constant or loyal with her affections. Little does it matter that Alex’s twin brother, Adrian, has always loved Katherine and hopes she will one day be his.

Following his dream to be with Karin, Alex makes a terrible mistake when he writes to propose marriage. Not knowing it will take him on a ride he never expected and down a path to love he never imagined, his journey this time is for all the right reasons.


Review: This story is set in Texas where Alex and Adrian, twin brothers and a pair of sisters, Karin and Katherine all grew up together and were friends until they reached their teen years when Alex accidentally came across Karin bathing in the nude. From that moment on Karin was all Alex could think about. Karin doesn’t mind the attention she gets from Alex, but she has a different plan for herself that includes wealth, which is something Alex will most likely never have.

Adrian loves Karin’s sister, Katherine, but Katherine loves Alex with all her heart and soul. Katherine could be with Adrian but she wants a real love match, not just a comfortable companionship. So, she suffers for years as she watches her sister lead Alex on and Alex follow Karin around like a puppy dog. Alex just can’t seem to get past Karin’s beauty to see the shallow personality she really has. When Alex and Adrian return to Texas after the war, Alex has every intention of picking things back up with Karin. When he sees Katherine he finds himself feeling confused for a brief time, but his mind is so obsessed and focused on Karin he shrugs off any errant thoughts he might have about Katherine. Once more Katherine looks on as Alex makes a fool of himself over Karin and then leaves to again to try and find a way to make a comfortable living that would satisfy Karin enough that she would consider marriage.

Finally, Alex reaches a point where he must find peace and writes home with a marriage proposal. However, he makes a slip up when writing the letter and finds he is in an unbelievable situation where he may lose the woman he has loved all his life and hurt another woman and damage her future in the process. Even Adrian gets involved to make sure Alex does what is right. Sadly, it appears that love may not conquer all.

The classic love triangle that will cause nothing but pain and heartache with no magical solution plays out this historical romance. A part of me hoped and hoped that Katherine would stop wasting her time pining over Alex and would perhaps open her heart to Adrian who was a man I really liked a lot more than Alex. Alex was SO stubborn. He caused so much pain to a sweet, innocent girl that was  genuine. I wanted to shake him. While often there were references made that Katherine was stubborn it was really Alex that was so stubborn he wouldn’t admit to his feelings just because of the circumstances. Katherine was not at fault in any of the happenings and finally, after coming to the conclusion that she had done what she could, she decided to be happy with the life she had and vowed to move forward and be the best person she could be and actually experienced some peace for the first time in her life. Will Alex ever wake up and smell the coffee or will he remain frustrated at how things ended up for him? Naturally, Alex had to have a wake up call make him realize what an idiot he was. But, is it too little, too late?

This is the second book the Mackinnon brothers series, but it can be read as a stand alone. I love these older titles being reissued in digital format. While at times older titles can be dated, even the historical ones, this one did not have that problem. Love triangles are always hard to watch and this one was no exception. Often we can’t help but chose sides and I admit I wasn’t all that impressed with Alex and thought that he deserved Karin because Katherine was too good for him. It is apparent to the reader that Alex has idealized Karin based on her physical beauty and what he felt for her was more lust and obsession than love. Katherine was no plain Jane, really, but she didn’t flaunt herself the way her sister did. As they say, the heart wants what it wants but Katherine refused to settle for anything less than a full marriage and true love, even though Alex was the man she loved her entire life and would continue to love forever. All the reader can do is sit back and watch as one disaster after another unfolds hurting the one character you will want the best for. Finally, Alex does manage to grow up and face what is really in his heart and is ready to voice those feelings and act on them. But, he fought against those feelings for so long, he drove Katherine away and now he will have to win her back and this time it will be for all the right reasons.