Review: Dominated by the Billionaires by Jenika Snow

Dominated by the Billionaires by Jenika Snow
Series: The Billionaires (# 3)
Release Date: June 19, 2013
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 60
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

Mara is a closet submissive, but when she agrees to go to an elite BDSM party with her friend she knows this is the lifestyle for her. When she lays eyes on Jere Alejandro and Nico Woodston, billionaire business partners that are also known for their playboy ways, Mara is instantly enthralled.

When Mara gets one of the exclusive invites to experience D/s firsthand she takes a chance and attends. But when she gets there she realizes there are no other guests. Jere and Nico reveal that she caught their eye and they want to have a little fun with her if she is willing. They plan on showing her exactly what they want in a submissive, and what they want is her for more than one night.


Review: Dominated by the Billionaires is the third book in The Billionaires by Jenika Snow. I chose this book because this book looked interesting and I enjoy reading Ms. Snow’s books.

Mara is a submissive but she does not acknowledge it until her best friend takes her to a BDSM party where two Dom’s get her attention. Mara has little to know experience in the life style. Rose, Mara’s best friend does not seem to explain much to her.

Jere and Nico are Dom’s who are fascinated with Mara. They invite her is a private party to get to know her more. The issue I have with Jere and Nico is we don’t get a good feel for Jere and Nico as people and/or Dom’s. Also, while they were fascinated with Mara why not take her to a public place so she can get to know them. If I were Mara I would have left Jere and Nico because the potential for danger is huge. She is alone in their house and new to the life style.

My biggest issue with this story it there seems to be an emotional disconnect between Mara and Jere and Nico. I didn’t really see or feel that they love or even really care about her. In addition, the lack of communication bugs me. How is Mara supposed to know that they wanted her to be their submissive unless they tell her! She is not psychic.

The main and secondary characters were interesting and engaging. I wish this story was longer that its 60 pages and more flushed out. Overall, this was a good book. I hope we get to see these characters again in the future especially Rose.